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Re: No presentation by NACO on republic day.

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Dear Forum,

Re: /message/8364

The posting from Hari Singh questions, why there was no presentation by NACO on

republic day.

What was he expecting, highlighting achievements of our country's disease

control programme for public viewing?

What is the real achievement that we are looking for? The number and

impressiveness of events, campaigns, training programmes, conferences, projects

and programmes on HIV? A reduction in the vulnerability of people to HIV and

eventually a reduction in the prevalence of HIV in the country? Better care so

that HIV+ persons can manage the infection and live fuller lives and die

dignified deaths? No stigma and discrimination so that those who are effected

can live with dignity?

Being no mass communication person myself, I am curious to know how a reduction

in prevalence (the real achievement that we should be working towards) can be

exhibited in a Republic Day parade. Graphs and tables on mobile hoardings? And

how can we portray first and second line treatment?

Surely, we need a pat on our backs to spur us on to greater efforts.

There are many laudable efforts at communicating about HIV and AIDS, at caring

for those who are infected and affected. The Red Ribbon Express is just one of

many such efforts. Which one do we choose? How can we do this in a fair manner?

We must bear in mind that howevermuch praiseworthy, all our efforts in HIV are

only a means to an end.

With regards,


e-mail: <dheenabandhu@...>

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