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Re: Every fifth gay in B'lore is HIV+

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Dear Friends,

I feel quite disturbed after reading the following posting. We are

disturbed less because prevalence rate is 19%, but more because the

posting blamed gay sex for this high prevalence rate, for calling

the virus 'deadly' and for calling the infected persons 'victims'!

Infection through heterosexual contacts in India is around 89%. Are

those people 'victims' of 'gay sex'? What about the infected IDUs

and the children born with the virus? Is gay sex reproducing +ve

children these days or are IDUs indulging into compulsory gay sex?

When will we grow matured enough to stop blaming and stigmatising

any particular group of people or behaviour and accept the fact that

like any other infection it is caused only by carelessness and

nothing else?

The line: " Other southern cities where gay sex is spreading HIV/AIDS

include Villuppuram in Tamil Nadu, South Goa, Chennai and

Puducherry. " -- reiterates the wrong notion that the virus is

spreading through same-sex contact and makes me believe that the

author is obsessed with his phobia towards homosexuals. So let me

assert once more that HIV spreads through various risky behaviours,

and unprotected penetrative sexual contact between members of

opposite as well as same sex is one of them. And what about southern

cities not mentioned in this report? Dont they have gay men dwelling

there in, or are they leading an asexual life, or those gay men are

free from HIV due to some unknown reasons?

In his response Priyadarshi has informed that he is liiving with the

virus since 1981, and after listening to his songs and reading his

books I am sure he is living a useful and active life. I know many

others who are living a normal, otherwise healthy and useful life

with HIV for years! In spite of that if we keep on calling the

virus 'deadly' and scare people then how can we fight the social

issues attached with this virus?

In no way do I think that our PLHIV sisters and brothers are victims

of the infection. They have overcome the negative attitudes and have

developed quite positive an approach towards life.

May I please request all my learned friends to be careful and

responsible about their choice of expressions so that they dont

strengthen myths and misconceptions around HIV and make struggle

against it tougher!


Anis Ray Chaudhuri


MANAS Bangla

e-mail: <manasbengal2003@...>

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