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Join the Rally on 21st May 08: to table the HIV/AIDS bill

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Dear All,

During the Global AIDS Week, organizations such as Lawyers

Collective, Action Aid, HIV/AIDS Alliance, DNP+, INP+, Plan, Sharan,

World Vision, VSO and Breakthrough have decided to do a Rally on 21st

May 08 around 10 am to 1 pm starting from Jantar Mantar to Parliament

street, Police station. Post rally, letter of memorandum will be

submitted to the Ministry.

The theme for this year is HIV/AIDS Bill, which has been pending

with the government for the last 2 years.


HIV/AIDS Bill 2008. GLOBAL AIDS WEEK (18 ¨C 24 May):

During the Global AIDS Week, activists from around the world will

organize activities to hold world leaders accountable on their

landmark commitment to fight AIDS made at the United Nations in 2001

and their promise to deliver Universal Access to treatment,

prevention and care by 2010.

This year AIDS activists in India urge government to enact the


What is covered by the HIV/AIDS Bill?

Prohibition of discrimination related to HIV/AIDS that

covers both the public and the private sector and addresses

discrimination in areas such as employment, education, healthcare,

travel, residence, insurance.

Informed consent for HIV testing, HIV related treatment and

HIV related research.

Non-disclosure of HIV-related information (including HIV+


Access to treatment related to HIV/AIDS as part of the

right to health recognized under the Indian Constitution.

Right to a safe working environment for doctors and other

health care workers and people whose occupation may put them at risk

of exposure to HIV.

Promotion of risk reduction strategies that can be subject

to criminal liability under various laws.

Information, education and communication programmes and

materials to be accessible to all.

Implementation mechanisms including Institutional Grievance

Redressal machinery, Health Ombudsmen and HIV/AIDS Authorities.

Special provisions for those who are disproportionately

affected by the epidemic, particularly women, children and persons in

the care and custody of the State.

Special Procedures to facilitate HIV positive persons

accessing the legal system, including suppression of identity and

faster disposal of cases relating to PLHIV.

The HIV/AIDS Bill is currently pending with the Law Ministry of the

Government of India.

For more information, visit the web: www.lawyerscollective.org


You can send letters showing solidarity and support for the HIV/AIDS

Bill and urge the government to table the Bill in the coming monsoon


Send your letters to:

Prime Minister's Office: fax no. 91-11-23016857

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare: fax no. 91-11-23386219

Ministry of Law and Justice: fax no.91©\11©\23015223, 91-11-23384241


Thanks and regards

M.Bindu Madhavi

Programme Coordinator-Monitoring and Evaluation

Breakthrough-building human rights culture

#104, Blue Apartments,

Safdarjung,Ring Road,

New Delhi-110029

Ph: 91.11.26176181

Fax: 91.11.26176185



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