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TN: We advocate for preference not reservation. Selection of counselors

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We advocate for preference not reservation!

The " Lotus " - Integrated AIDS Awareness Sangam has been in operation

since December, 2000. We are an organization based in, owned and

managed by the kothi-identified MSM community of Kumbakonam, Tanjore

District, Tamil Nadu. Currently consisting of 108 official

subscription-paying members, Lotus approaches HIV/AIDS prevention

from an integrated, human rights perspective. We would like to bring

the attention of the forum on the following matter.

TANSACS has made job announcements recently for many posts through

collectorate in various districts. The posts include counselors,

data entry operator, and lab technician. Many applicants from the

community of marginalized population and PLHA have applied for these


As similar announcement came from Tanjore district, a member from

Lotus applied for Counselor post, has completed the counseling

training successfully that given by a leading NGO in the TamilNadu

and with four years experience in HIV/AIDS field by working in our

CBO. He also possesses a UG qualification. He was called for

interview, a female counselor from local hospital was the one who

verified the file, outside the interview room, turndown his

opportunity to attend the interview by saying that his degree was

not in sociology, psychology or social science. If that was the case

then why he was called for the interview?

We were wondering why local counselors are involved in the

recruitment process and what were the criteria given to them?

It is quite logic and valid to expect that applicants should possess

necessary skills to execute the given responsibilities. When comes

to qualification of sociology, psychology or social science, it is

quite debatable.

Many counselors who were appointed in the recent past, just with the above said

degrees were not aware of vulnerable communities and other HIV related issues.

They needed training, exposure to get a basic understanding that took over a

period of one year.

Our question is why the exemption can't be given to the community people with

some other degree? As the person with " qualified " degree learns later why can't

a person who has experience and belong to the vulnerable community can't finish

the degree later if he provided with an opportunity?

TANSACS also encourages that the community should be given job

without any discrimination.

The following lines stated by TANSACS in web would justify our words.

TANSACS employs positive people and hopes that others too will

follow suit. TANSACS has stipulated that NGOs working with HIV/AIDS

patients must employ at least one positive person in their

organizations. Source: http://www.tnhealth.org/tscs.htm

Why this preference can't be extended to vulnerable communities

also? And also, given the recruitment power to the local

administration how the state is going to ensure the process is

moving ethically?

National AIDS Control Plan (NACP) III says that 50% of targeted

interventions would be transformed in to the hands of community

based organization. We don't know how far it is going to be

feasible, if the government is not ready to give even relevant jobs

to the vulnerable communities.

We, people from marginalized population have got adequate skills and

experience in the areas of counseling, reporting and prevention

strategies. Give us opportunity to utilize those skills and enable

us to finish the required degree.

We advocate for preference not for reservation!



" Lotus " - VMS Mansion,

9, Pattam lane,


e-mail: <lotus_sangam@...>

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