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Re: GIPA coordinator Position. Experience from TANSACS

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Dear Forum,

Re: /message/8639

With regard to the GIPA Co-ordinator post, we strongly feel that the post is

for positive people, since the word GIPA Means Greater Involvement of People

living with HIV/AIDS. The coining of the term GIPA means a lot to us and we

value it. Many of the public would not be aware what GIPA is? It is from us and

we are are eligible for the post.

With regard to TANSACS, a call for the post of GIPA coordinator was called in

THE HINDU on 20/12/2007 requiring only a PLHA who had completed any degree to

appy for the post.This was very intresting and important to each of us who

applied and with great expectation i was one among the 13 graduate who applied

for the post.

On 18th of Feb2008, we had a written test and all the 13 of us, PLHA who were

university graduates and who had applied for the post were present. The very

next day marks were pasted into TANSACS website and the highest was 60, then 52,

and then 48.

On 20th February three of the highest mark holders were invited for a panel

interview with TANSACS, and luckily i was one among the three with 1st mark, a

B.COM graduate with three years experience in the feild of HIV and as well from

the Marginalized community.

Then finally after the interview they assured us that the selected would be

pasted on website and that we would have to join by

1st of April 2008.

The joy was great , since getting a position in SACS would be our pride and our

advocacy efforts, a strength to PLHA community and all. The money we spent

inspite of our meanial income were not a matter for us since we felt our dreams

would come true.

But to our dismay, on 30/3/2008, The DAILY THANTHI, called for a post for GIPA

coordinator,asking for a social work student telling preference would be given

to PLHA.

Isn't this rude of TANSACS? Is TANSACS doing this on purpose? Do they want to

depict the person they require? They have made another criteria for the

selection of the post of GIPA coordinator to avoid people like us.

Is TANSACS discriminating us since we are from Transgender community? Are they

right person to disseminate the information on Stigma and Discrimination?

This has affected me, socially, economically and psychologically.

Do help us out-where does justice stand?


No. 15, Muthukrishnapuram

5th street, tutucorin-2


Anbu Alagan

e-mail: <anbuhiv@...>

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