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Re: Re: Liquid Silicone Injections

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I totally agree, being healthy is the important thing. When you get

the toxins out by detoxing and eating right, with a little exercise,

the weight should gradually go down.


At 12:14 AM 1/11/2007, you wrote:



>That was exactly what I was thinking get rid of the toxins in the

>gut and maybe the weight will go with it. I have struggled with

>weight issues since turning 30 anyway. I always went in between

>135-155 now I am close to 170 so this is a problem for sure. Prior

>to implants I always ate what I wanted to but could exercise a lot

>so the weight would stay at 135 I was close to 125 when I had the

>implant put in which was from lots of work and that is why I wanted

>implants, I lost all my baby weight and the boobs are always first

>to go for me. I will someday be 125 again and don't care if I have

>any boobs I am over it after this two year struggle. It has been a

>nightmare that is for sure. I am going to watch what I eat, to see

>if I can fix the gut. According to the tongue chart I have toxins

>in my colon. Do you know of a good colon cleanse that is only a few

>pills a day, not 20 like the last one I bought called Renew. I just

>can't obligate myself to taking another 20 pills a day, it totally

>frustrates me and I don't stay with the program. I totally agree

>with your post and Thank you so much for writing, you are a blessing

>to have. I hope your arm gets better soon.


>God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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