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Cayenne/DMSO tincture

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Hi Garnet!

Thanks for the idea of making the tincture using DMSO. Great Idea, but how strong is it?.

I bought a pound of 190,000 HU cayenne a couple of years ago locally and have about 2 oz left. (I use it in cooking also as I love spicy Mexican food). I made my last tincture using WV white lightning at about 190 proof. My cayenne tincture is horrible tasting but will kick start your breathing and blood flow.

You can buy the 180,000 HU from Spice Discounters. I have used them for several years and have found them very honest and they will bend over backwards to help out.


A865 Cayenne Pepper (180HU) Powder, =$5.95 @ 4 oz , =$17.95 @1 lb + SH.

I had a total right knee replacement Dec 6, 2004 and it has not healed correctly. I have large bulges of scar tissue restricting full movement and I am thinking of using the Cayenne/DMSO tincture to reduce the scar tissue. Plain DMSO only turns my skin red with some swelling for about 6 hours then goes away but has done nothing for the scar tissue issue so far.

I have a question for the list: I put my cayenne/DMSO tincture in a dark glass 2 oz dropper bottle. The dropper tube is 'plastic' and the bulb is 'rubber' so will the DMSO ruin the conformity or release dangerous chemicals into the tincture?. The DMSO comes in a plastic canister/jar.

LoveBobAdageyudiStaya Udanvti

*******Original Message******* Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 23:33:26 -0600 Subject: Re: HiWelcome to the list!Thanks for the great stories Bob. Please feel free to postmore and even put a topic in the subject line that mightreflect a particular use.I use 10 - 70% DMSO with CS depending on who and where. Forsensitive areas like nose and eyes I use 10%. For sensitiveindividuals I keep it low, 20 - 30% and advise people to testthemselves with low concentrations before trying anythingabove 30%. Personally I have used 70-90% without much of aproblems but I have also had 50% blister my husband's back,so learned to test and go slow until individual sensitivitylevel is known.The Cayenne mixture sounds interesting. Do you make the tinctureyourself? If so how hot is the cayenne? Doug on this listmakes herb tinctures using DMSO instead of alcohol. Might cutout a step for you if you do make your own tincture. I canfind 30,000 and 90,000 unit Cayenne at our local stores, sothat might make a difference too, using the hotter one that is.I use Peppermint oil with DMSO frequently for sore muscles. Thecayenne mixture sounds like it might be very effective for someof the aches I am using the peppermint oil for.thanks,Garnet

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