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Bruce Lee & the Bullworker

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http://cgi.ebay.com/BULLWORKER-X5-EXERCISE-MANUAL-WALL-CHART-FAT-LOSS_W0QQitemZ7228049146QQcategoryZ1521QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem From: SherrillDate: Monday, March 27, 2006 Dear Fellow Bullworker Enthusiast: Here is why: You see like you I was looking for a way to get a “full body workout“ without having to spend hundreds of dollars for a gym membership or for costly equipment that would just sit in the corner collecting dust. I have used weights for years and after tearing my rotator cuff I found that using conventional weights was just too painful. In fact after talking to a few of my gym buddies I found out that most of them had been injured in one way or another while lifting weights. I realized that I needed to find a way to get the fitness results I wanted without having to hock my lungs or take a closet full of steroids! It was then that I remembered that as a 14-year-old high school wrestler I had purchased the Bullworker. All I wanted back then was to get stronger so I

could stop from getting my butt pinned on the mat (I weighted a whole 92 lbs.) I followed the old Bullworker exercise program and I made quick gains. I also made some important discoveries on how best to exercise. Soon I was pinning other people's backs to the mat! I pinned enough people, so that by my senior year I won the State Title for my weight class! "How To Get A Muscular Body Even IfYou're 50 Years Old And Fat Like Me!" So I went on a search for a Bullworker and lo and behold I found one on Ebay. I bid on it and won. A few days later it arrived and I was ready to start exercising. True the Bullworker was old like me, but it still worked. The only problem was that I didn’t have an exercise manual and I couldn’t remember all of the exercises. I want to thank you again for putting

together this incredible material! It has only been two weeks of training with “BW EXREME”, but already I see the results in the mirror. Who would ever believe that getting results would be this easy, Thanks J.D. , MO Weight Training Vs Bullworker While searching for the exercise manual I

discovered some interesting things. I discovered that more and more people were moving away from weight training and were realizing the benefits of Static Contraction and Max Contraction Principles (BW-EXTREME utilizes both of these concepts.) and Body Weight exercises. In fact most of the Mixed Martial Arts guys (you know the guys in the No Holds Barred all out warfare matches) were using one form other another of Static Contraction exercise and some (the more successful ones) were using the Bullworker as well. It turned out that what these guys had found was that the training programs like the ones Body Builders use; are just not

effective, the muscles look nice, but aren’t functional! Years earlier, boxers had made the move to this type of training. Even the incredible “Mohammed Ali” used the Bullworker. Discovering Bruce Lee And The Bullworker In fact the Legendary Bruce Lee began training with the Bullworker shortly after he injured his back weight training and get this; the way he looked in the movies and TV was in large part due to his Bullworker training! "Another guy I brought over from America was Ted Wong, who was the last personal student of Bruce Lee. Again, it was another superb seminar. Once he opened up his kicks were refined and smooth. Not an easy guy to get into right

away, I think he sums people up before he gives anything of himself. But we became friends and he taught me much more than I could have expected. He showed me how Bruce used to punch using the three point landing, which is basically punching with a straight punch, hand before foot, right hand right foot and left foot. Again more fine tuning for me, all the stuff you could never get from a book or video. Ted also told me that Bruce used to use a 'Bullworker' (exercise device) to develop his muscular strength and speed! – T. Caruthers Almost three decades later, people are still talking about the body of Bruce Lee

The Lee physique, once described by no less an authority on such matters than bodybuilding magnate Joe Weider as "the most defined body I've ever seen!" has attracted (much like the man's martial art and philosophy) a following that not only rivals but exceeds those of Elvis Presley, Dean and Marilyn Monroe -- combined! “There has seldom been seen - this side of a jungle cat -- the incredible sinewy and ripped-to-the-bone quality of muscle displayed by Bruce Lee. He was ripped in places that bodybuilders are just now (28 years later) learning they can train.”- Mike Mentzer , Former Mr.

America Every muscle group on his body stood out in bold relief from its neighbor -- not simply for show (unlike many bodybuilders) but for function. Lee was, to quote his first student in the United States, Seattle's Glover, "above all else, concerned with function." What I Discovered Was A Way To Exercise With The Bullworker That Increased It’s Results By Over 300% Finally at an old bookstore I found both of the manuals. (The older manual for the Bullworker models 2,3 and for the newer X5 model.) and I also found a copy of something even more important! You see tucked inside the Bullworker Manual there were a few sheets of paper with some notes and drawings on it, describing a series of ways to use the Bullworker (and a yet to be developed exercise device) that changed my entire concept of exercising! I won't get into specifics here, it's all explained in "BW-EXTREME". I took all the exercises in both Bullworker Manuals, my recently found knowledge of Static Contraction and Max Contraction

Principles, Dynamic Tension Exercises, THE SECRET TRAINING PROGRAM EXERCISES THAT Bruce Lee USED AND I Found Out "How To Get The Most Effective Muscle Building, Strength Gaining, Fat Burning, Stomach Chiseling, Kick Butt And Take No Names Workout In 7 Minutes Or Less That There Ever Was Developed." Introducing: BW-EXTREME The best seller that Simultaneously Burns Fat - Molds Muscle and Catapults Your Strength, Endurance and Flexibility to Record Levels ... Eliminates The Risk of Weight Lifting Associated Health Hazards Such as Stroke, Aneurysm, High-Blood Pressure, Lower Back Injuries, Blown Rotator Cuffs and So On. Here’s What “BW-EXTREME” Did For Me And I bet It Can Do The Same, If not More For You! Over the course of three months my body changed big time. In fact, I've made a list of 12 of the most amazing benefits

that I and hundreds of others all over the world have gotten from the BW-EXTREME program. I'm betting these are important to you, too: 1. I burned fat and blow-torched off my excess body weight so quickly that I could eat more than I normally did and still look better than ever. 2. I packed and chiseled functional muscle onto my legs, chest and back that I've never had before, even from weights. 3. I simultaneously doubled my strength and flexibility - and did so without needing separate workouts for each. 4. I quadrupled my endurance inside of 30 days. Just think how much this helped me in bed. No matter what, I NEVER get tired.. 5. The chronic back and shoulder pain I had from years of heavy squats, dead lifts and bench pressing went away within a couple weeks. And much of that pain had been with me for nearly 10 years. It's GONE now. 6. I sleep like a log. Eight hours of deep sleep is no

longer a goal. It's automatic. As soon as I hit the rack I'm out like a light. 7. My self-confidence knows no bounds. Especially when I got compliments from people who hardly paid attention to me before. I honestly believe there is nothing I cannot do. I'm on top of the world. 8. I can train anywhere. I don't need more than a few square feet of carpet or pavement and I'm all set. I have absolutely no excuses and my body loves me for it. 9. I get a kick-butt workout done in 7 minutes or less. Sure, I could do more - but I've gotten incredible results with this amount - so why ruin a good thing? 10. I've turned back the clock. My friends tell me I look 5-10 years

younger. Awesome!! 11. I have an explosive type of strength that weights couldn't give me. My movements are super fast even when I'm just screwing around. 12. My muscles are like a pliable and powerful tiger - ready to pounce on prey in a heartbeat. So there you have it. The 12 reasons I came up with as to why BW-EXTREME is the best fitness program on the planet. But forget about me. "Max Contraction provides you with a truly revolutionary approach to strength training that, when properly applied, will result in, real, meaningful, and sustainable physical results! I had one little mini workout. I couldn't believe how short the workout was and how good I felt afterward . . . This technique is going to change your life." Tony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within (Testimonial based on the principles put forth in Max Contraction by Little, this is not an endorsement of the BW-EXTREME program, but rather an endorsement of the principles put forth,which

are found in BW-EXTREME) I am a US Marine stationed overseas. I am also a wrestler/judoka, I needed something portable and at the same time something I could get a great workout with so I bought a new Bullworker X5, after a couple of months, I was getting some results, but not what I wanted. Then I saw your ad and I gave it a shot. Well let me say that that was the best decision of my LIFE. All the guys out here in the desert have noticied not only my increased strength, but also the muscular definition that I am getting from doing the Bullworker training as it's showed in the BW-EXTREME course. Man I can't wait for my wife to check me out when I get sent home. Oh and by the way I have a bunch of guys here that want to buy a Bullworker and the BW-Extreme training program, so when I get back to the USA we need to talk.( we're talking about a lot of guys) I

like your no-nonsense approach. Particularly as I get older, BW-EXTREME exercises are quick, flexible, all encompassing and convenient. Keep up the good work!" Bristol USMC I would guess that most of us came from a weight Training background and at first we were skeptical about BW-EXTREME. Most of us said the same thing, "I’m frightened I'll lose size and strength." It shocked the crap out of us when we found that not only did it work, but it worked far better than weights! At first I don't think any of us wanted to believe it, especially us older guys who have been working out with weights over a lifetime and spent God knows how much on gym fees and/or equipment. But it works like magic. Who would have thought that changing the Bullworker training program like you did would impact my muscles this much!" NJ "I am in better shape now than when I was using the old Bullworker training program. I couldn't believe how much more effective this way of using the Bullworker is! Let's just say that my abs are rock hard and I've lost 24 lbs of fat, everyone can see my six pack now! Oh and by the way, my arms measure 16 inches now, that's a gain of 2 inches in just 90 days! I still can not believe it. I don't know how to thank you enough!I look great and I am strong. I can pick guys up over my head and

throw em' like toys, and I am being accused for steroid use because of my muscle tone." H. NY What About You? I can't make the decision for you, but if I were you, I know I would, at the very least, order a copy of BW-EXTREME: The course features 45 super effective Bullworker exercises and 3 different programs that you can start immediately. Yes, these will get you into kick-butt shape fast.

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