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- an introduction

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Hi ,

Welcome to the forum (o:

I've re-posted your message as a 'new post' as there was another

message called 'introduction' from some time ago, so it was a bit

hard to follow the thread. To Sheila and the other moderators, I've

left 's original message in its entirety (below) so everyone

can see it.

, all of the symptoms that you mention sound very familiar to

me as I suffered from them all myself. I found myself in the

position where I COULD NOT work anymore due to my thyroid condition.

Please have a look at the 'files' section (you can find it on the

LHS of your screen near the 'messages' section). The files section

contains lots of useful information.

Could you please post your most recent test results here? Just

about everyone does this when they start using the forum, so others

can comment and offer advice. Please also post the reference

ranges. Thanks.

What tests did you have? Tests worth having are as follows: TSH,

Free T4, Free T3 (you may have to 'push' a bit to get this test

done) and thyroid autoantibody tests to check whether you have an

autoimmune thyroid disease. You can also have a Reverse T3 test

done (Free T3 and Reverse T3 are usually looked at together, but not

every doc will test for Reverse T3 levels). Just for interest sake,

the Reverse T3 test isn't a 'wacky' test, as my Reverse T3 testing

is done at a major Australian hospital.

Here is some info about the tests. I believe it is really

worthwhile understanding the tests. Personally, it helps me in my

discussions with my docs. You may have to copy the website address

(from http: to .html) and paste it into your browser as the links

are sometimes too long to work properly on this forum. The info is

taken from a reputable website.




(as I mentioned above, sometimes you need to push to get the free T3

test done. My free T3 levels dropped to below normal, so I'm glad

that my doctor monitored the levels over time).



Perhaps it is worthwhile going to see a different doctor for another

opinion. I mention this because my previous doctor told me my

thyroid function was ok, even though it was slightly above the

highest end of the reference range. I felt dreadful, had many

symptoms (including the one's that you listed), and was not doing

very well at all.

I'm now feeling a lot better after seeing two other doctors and a

naturopath, but it has taken almost 2 years and a lot of trial and

error to get to this point.

Good luck with it all. I'm sure that Sheila and the others will

give you lots of useful information.




i have had an underactive thyroid for nearly eight years now i first

sarrted having problems during my second pregnancy . i was diagnosed

with underactive thyroid about a year after my daughter was born.

during the first 2 years after diagnosis i had blood tests done

every 3 months to try and get the level of thyroxin right my

prescription was changed everytime i had a blood test, eventually it

looked like the level was settling but i still felt terrible, so i

went back to the doctor who sent me for another blood test then uped

my dose, still no improvment another blood test another increase

then it was to high so a decrease. I have been on 125mmg of

levothyroxin for about two years now and only have blood tests once

a year, but i still feel awfull i am constantly tired and lathargic

my mood seems a bit better but i am still putting on weight, all be

it a lot slower i am now 16 stone i was 12 stone when i had my

daughter. My family are very understanding and try and let me nap if

i need to but i feel like i am letting them down i am not interested

in anything i am constantly tired or moody i have two children aged

8 and 9 they want to be out enjoying life not stuck with me.I go to

my doctor every few months complaining of some new problem or other

like muscle ache tiredness bowl problems but he dosent seem to be

much help " try these but they probarbly wont help much " . I am

starting to get very depressed about the whole thyroid thing as you

can probarbly tell could you offer me any advice or help many

thanks kelly

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