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Apprehensive about FAMILY - not WLS!

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Well, I am now approved by Dr. Aceves for the gastric sleeve surgery. It's

subject only to my cardiologist clearing me, which he already told me in an

email he doesn't anticipate a problem, and my appt. with him is next Monday. So

I'm thinking I can have my sleeve done next month.


My only issue now is the money. I can borrow it from a medical credit company

and pay a huge interest rate, or I can try to borrow it from family at a

reasonable interest rate. Since banks are paying such lousy rates on savings

and CD's, I thought I would " offer " my family members the opportunity to make a

better rate of return by loaning me the money and I'll make monthly payments.

I'm even offering a lien against my house as collateral.

Of course, the only replies I've gotten so far are " We have a few concerns; can

you call us this weekend to discuss? "

Reasonable! But in my mind, I'm creating demons. I'm anticipating that they're

not going to have concerns with my repaying the debt, but rather will want to

try to talk me out of the surgery. (Note: I'm surrounded by young, lean,

athletic step-siblings who never had more than 5 pounds to lose in their


I really don't need any negativity about this. I've done my research and said

my prayers and I am going through with it. I know I will not regret it. But

how do I express this to my family members without being rude? If I go into too

much detail about WHY, I'll get emotional and start crying, which is NOT

something I'm comfortable doing.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Y'all have been such a wonderful sounding board and I

am so glad I have this group. You are one of the reasons my decision has been

made and I'm comfortable with it. I look forward to your advice...


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