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, whoever

that person was that told you those things was an idiot. Sorry, and I know

there are variations from every doctor but not being able to eat mushies? Not

being able to drink cold liquid? What planet was this guy on. All totally false

I assure you. I eat whatever I want, just in moderation. Some bandsters have a

hard time eating bread and rice and other foods but that is different for each

person. I can eat anything, like I said. I don’t consider the bandster

way of eating restrictive at all and I am 13 months post op. For lunch today I

had a combo burrito from taco bell (I mostly sucked out the insides and ate

some of the tortilla because tortilla’s do tend to get stuck sometimes

but not so much that I have ever PB-ed. For dinner tonight I am cooking

meatloaf and asparagus with salad. I will be able to eat about a cup of meat,

and 1 cup of the veggies, maybe more. I love my band! I don’t know about

what your BMI is but I don’t think their should be a limit for getting

the band. I think it is a perfect tool for controlling overeating and letting

people finally feel satisfied on normal amounts of food. Oh, on my web link

below I have a link on the left hand side that it labeled “Post op

diet” and when you click on that, there is another link that says

“What does

eat?” This may help you get an idea of a normal day of food consumption

and maybe others can write in who are experienced bandsters and tell you what

they are eating and not eating.


DOB 3/1/05



112lbs gone for good! Only 8 more lbs to goal!




Date: Wed, 19

Apr 2006 18:09:10 -0000


" " <roanch@...>


Hi...my name is Rosie, I'm

from Miami, Florida and I am considering

getting the band. I

only want to loose about 35 - 40 lbs, am I crazy

for considering this surgery

since I am not sooooo overweight? My

problem is that I am on a

medication which makes me gain weight like

crazy and as soon as I start

eating normal (not dieting) I gain weight

uncontrollably (is that

spelled right?) Anyway...I have been speaking

to severa different places

that do banding in Mexico

and there was

this one guy that works with

Dr. Mascareno that scared the living day

lights out of me...he said,

I would never be able to eat anything

mushy...no rice, no bread,

no cheesecake, nothing like that because it

would get lodged in there

somewhere, plus he said no more cold drinks,

only luke warm...he made it

sound very life restricting...Now my

husband, who spoke with him,

is very concerned that I go through with

this. Ultimately, it

is my decision but would love to get some

feedback from some of you

that have gone through this....


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