Banyan is the National Tree of India. It has the widest reaching roots of all known trees, easily covering several hectares. It is said that at one time more than 10, 000 people can sit under its shade at one time.

 Benefits Of Banyan Tree

Spiritual Significance – In Hinduism the banyan tree is called the tree of immortality because of the long aerial roots that hang down to the soil… thus starting another part of the tree.

Banyan trees are thought to have spiritual significance, with the Lord Shiva being the branches, the Lord Vishnu the bark of the tree, and the Lord Brahma the large powerful roots of the tree.


In Buddhism – The Lord Buddha sat under the banyan tree meditating to find enlightenment.

Diarrhea – Taking the small budding leaves and soaking them in water creates a powerful astringent agent that’s very good for healing diarrhea, dysentery, gas and irritation of the GI tract. Taking natural sugar in india which is called “Jaggery” and adding coriander leaves and chewing this helps with diarrhea.

banyan tree1

Teeth and Gums – Taking the aerial roots and chewing on then prevents gum disease, tooth decay, bleeding gums, and it cleans your teeth. It’s a natural toothpaste and also helps with bad breath. Using banyan tree aerial roots is a very ancient way of healing most oral problems… because it’s antibacterial and astringent.

Immune Boosting Agent – The bark of the banyan tree is also a good immune boosting agent that helps to prevent disease.

Drawing – Making a hot compress from the leaves works like a drawing salve to help bring any abscess to the surface.

Anti-Inflammatory – Studies show that the milky sap of the leaves is a good anti-inflammatory agent… without the side effects of modern steroid drugs. This makes it great for arthritis, joint pain, swelling, and redness.

Depression – Some also say the fruit of the tree helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain… thus helping with depression.

Infertility – The bark and leaves increase sperm count… and also helps with female fertility.

Antioxidant – The bark and leaves are also a very strong antioxidant that helps to prevent colds, flues, and other diseases.

Contains – Components of the banyan tree contain ketones, flavonoids, sterols, tiglic acid, phytosterolin, oentacylic triterpenes, bergaptene, furocoumarin, quercetin, rutin, tannins, inositol, glactose, esters, flavonoids, ficusin organic compounds… and more powerful healing agents.

Ayurvedic Medicine – In Ayurvedic Medicine from India the fruits and the juice of the leaves are used for treating bruises, cuts, and inflammation of the skin… also arthritis and diarrhea.

Vaginal Infections – Making a douche from the bark of the banyan tree works well for healing vaginal infections. One tablespoon of the dried banyan tree leaves crushed into a powder is boiled in one liter of water until it reduces to a half a liter and allowed to cool.

Antibacterial and Anti-fungal – The bark of the banyan tree is also a good antibacterial and anti-fungal agent helping to control bacterial and fungal infections.

banyan tree2

Lower Cholesterol – The bark of the banyan tree works great for lowering cholesterol LDL or bad cholesterol, while keeping your good cholesterol high.

Arthritis – The milky sap of the banyan tree is also good for treating pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint pain… it’s also good for chronic back pain.

Warts – One can also kill warts by applying the milky sap of the banyan tree over a few days.

Vomiting – Taking the aerial roots and making a infusion calms the GI tract.

Hemorrhoids – The milky sap of the banyan tree leaves is great for treating bleeding hemorrhoids.

Diabetes – Making an infusion of the roots of the tree is also good for treating high blood sugar.

Skin – The fruit can be made into a paste that works well for treating irritated mucus membranes, swelling, and pain… plus it also works well for acne.


Parts Used – The buds, fruit, leaves, aerial roots, milky sap, roots, and bark can all be used for healing.

Other uses – The tree can supply rope, paper, a polish for silver and other metals, shellac, and dyes for wool and silk… the banyan tree is a very versatile tree.

Use of Banayan powder and its benefits For Humans:

The dosage per day is- half a spoon for children and one spoon for adults with a glass of milk which can be sweetened with Mishri.

Benefits for Children:

Children grow taller.

Weak children become stronger and their complexion improves.

The memory of children improves dramatically.

A better behavioral change is seen in extremely stubborn children.

Benefits for Men:

Men become stronger and get a lustre of youth.

It is very potent and improves men’s health in general and reduces the early discharge problem in men.


Benefits for Ladies:

All kinds of gynec problems are solved if ladies take this powder twice a day.

This includes – Excess discharge in periods,cysts in ovaries,white discharge problem,spotting between periods,repeated natural abortions,very light periods,some kinds of infertility and polyps.

It also tones up the body and firming the flabby areas giving them a youthful appearance.

Benefits For old people:

It acts a rejuvenant for the old.