Our body requires fat, however excess consumption of fat can be harmful for the body and cause several diseases. Excess fat in the body is the main cause obesity and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems are also caused.

What is the role of fat?

1. Fat takes care of different parts of the body so that they are stable in their positions and can sustain the external jerks. Fat is the important nutrition element other than protein and carbohydrates. It fulfills the calorie requirement of the person.

2. Fat is the best carbonic mixture. It is made up of Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Fat is the main source of energy in our diet. It can be consumed in liquid and solid forms. All types of fat have the combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

3. There are different forms of fat. Butter, cheese, milk, ice cream and cream have saturated fat in sufficient quantity. Coconut, date palm and dates also contain fat in sufficient quantity.

4. Unsaturated fat helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. This type of fat has more calories. It is advisable to consume this type of fat in very little quantity. Majority of the vegetable oil except coconut, date palm, dates contain unsaturated fat.

5. Polyunsaturated fat is helpful in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. Sunflower and soyabean oil contain unsaturated fat in abundant quantity.

6. Consuming saturated fat in excess quantity is unhealthy, because this increases the chance of heart disease.

7. Consuming low fat milk and products is good to lead a healthy life. Meat and eggs should not be included in daily diet.

8. Consume those things, which are naturally low fat. Many types of grains, fruits and vegetables contain very less quantity of fat.

9. A long, healthy and happy life can be obtained if fried, spicy, junk and processed food items are totally avoided. Do not eat bakery food because this will deteriorate the health very quickly.

10. Tinned food should be avoided, even if you want to eat, check the label to see the saturated fat content. The fat content should not exceed 20 per cent; if it is more than 20 per cent then it is better to avoid it. Such tinned foods with excess saturated fat are harmful for the health and life. They always lead to sickness.

11. One meal should contain one-teaspoon oil otherwise it can be harmful.

12. You should have complete knowledge about your diet. People who are above 20 years should pay special attention to their diet. Fat is beneficial for the health as well as harmful. Consuming fat in the required quantity is beneficial and excess consumption causes diseases.

13. It is very easy to balance fat with the help of yogic actions. Therefore yoga should be a part of our lives.