Eyes are the most precious parts of our body. They need good care and attention to prevent different infections and diseases. Here are some useful tips that can be adopted very easily in order to protect the eyes.

Do not use cold water immediately after getting exposed to heat or sunlight. Do not wash the face immediately, allow the sweat to dry and let the body come back to normal temperature. Then take bath and wash the face.

Do not gaze at objects situated at a very long distance. Give rest to the eyes in case of continuous eye work and sleep on time.


Sleeping late at night and waking up after sunrise affects the eyesight. The eyelids become heavy, it causes reddishness and reduces the natural beauty of the eyes.

Protect the eyes from dust, smoke, poisonous gas and bright light. Do not stay for long hours at such places. Keep a safe distance from television and do not watch it for long time. In case of pain or burning sensation in the eyes, pour a few drops of rose water and rinse the eyes. Make sure the rose water is pure and not synthetic, as most commercial versions are.

Reading, writing or doing any work in dim light affects the eyesight. Take rest in between and close the eyes. Rub the palms and keep them on the eyes to relax the eye muscles.

Any kind of head injury, driving at very high speed, exposing eyes to heavy winds, crying continuously for many days, controlling the urge to urinate, pass stools, sneeze, pass gas, anger, mental stress or trauma, being very depressed, over indulgence in sex, or adopting a life style contrary to the seasons affect the organs of the body and the eyes are very delicate and sensitive, therefore they are the most quickly affected.

Methods of Nutrition for Healthy Eyes:

Besides following the tips for protection, the following nutritional elements should be taken for benefit. It is also important to note that using nutritional tips without efforts to protect the eyes is like filling water in a cracked pot.

Vitamin A is extremely beneficial and effective in protecting the eyes. Vitamin A is available in the form of capsules and tablets at chemist shop but natural production of this vitamin in the body has a long-term advantage. Consumption of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, radish, myrobalan, green peas, coriander, soybean, green leafy vegetables, fruits like ripe tomatoes, papaya, banana, dates, oranges, ripe mango, milk, butter, cream, etc. are a natural source of vitamin A. Ripe yellow fruits and green vegetables are rich sources of Carotene, which produces vitamin A in the body and improves eyesight.

Mix half a spoonful each of butter and powdered sugar candy and one-fourth a spoon of black pepper powder and eat it, followed by two or three pieces of raw coconut and aniseed. Use this remedy on an empty stomach for 90 days to improve eyesight.

Pour two drops of rose water in the eyes at bedtime once or twice a week. Burn a lamp with clarified butter (ghee) made with cow milk and prepare kajal from the flame using a bronze plate. Apply the kajal in the eyes at bedtime; and wipe it with a damp cloth the next morning. This kajal enhances the beauty of the eyes and also keeps them healthy.

Soak around 10 grams of Triphala churna in water in an earthen pot. Squeeze this water the next morning with a cloth and wash the eyes with this water. Keep a wet cloth on the eyes for five to 10 minutes.

Red chilly, fried food, sour and hot foods are harmful for the eyes. Therefore avoid to use them in food or use as little as possible.

Walk on wet grass in the morning and watch the greenery around. Massage the soles with pure clarified butter to improve eyesight. Also apply mehndi on the feet soles during the summer season.