Peepal is a tree that has been worshipped since the dawn of civilization and has great medicinal value apart from its religious significance.

This sacred tree native to the Indian subcontinent holds a wealth of medicinal value and is used to treat many ailments and diseases, ranging from a snake bite to asthma, skin diseases, kidney diseases, constipation, dysentery, impotency and various blood-related problems, said Acharya Bal Krishan of Patanjali Ayurveda in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Peepal tree leaves contain glucose, asteriod and mennos, phenolic while its bark is rich in Vitamin K, tainen and phaetosteroline. All of these ingredients make the peepal tree an exceptional medicinal tree.


According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases.

Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal:

Treatment of Bleeding Diarrhea with Peepal Tree:

Take soft stems of peepal, coriander seeds, crystal sugar in equal quantity and mix them well and take its 3-4 grams twice a day and it is very useful in this disease.

Treatment of Poor Appetite with Peepal Tree:

Consume ripe fruits of peepal. Peepal fruit can also be taken for cough, pitta, blood-related problems, burning sensation and vomiting, etc.

Treatment of Stomach Pain with Peepal Tree:

Make paste of 2-5 leaves of a peepal plant and mix with 50 grams jaggery and make small tablets of the mixture and take it 3-4 times a day. It will soothe the stomach pain.

Treatment of Asthma with Peepal Tree:

Take a bark of peepal plant and its ripe fruits. Make their powder separately and mix them in equal quantities. Take this mixture thrice in a day. It is very effective in this problem. Make a powder of dry fruits of peepal and take it with two to three grams of water for 14 days, twice a day and this will prove very effective.

Treatment of Snake Bite with Peepal Tree:

In case of a snake bite give 2-3 spoons of the extract of peepal leaves, three to four times to reduce the effect of the poison

Treatment of Skin Diseases with Peepal Tree:

Eat the soft leaves of peepal and the problem of itching and other skin diseases are cured. Taking 40 ml tea of this leaf is equally effective.

Treatment of Eczema Itching with Peepal Tree:

Take 50 gms peepali bark ash and add lime and ghee properly and make a paste of the mixture. Apply this paste on affected areas and it will provide soothing effect. Take 40 ml tea of peepal bark regularly and it will also be useful.

Treatment of Cracked Heals with Peepal Tree:

Apply peepal leaf extracts or its milk on cracked hands and heels to get best results.

Blood Purification with Peepal Tree:

Take one to two gm of peepal seeds powder and take it with honey twice a day and it will purify the blood. In the gastric-related blood disorders take 40 ml kwath and five gms of honey for best results.

Treatment for Constipation with Peepal Tree:

Take 5-10 fruits of peepal daily.

Treatment of Liver and Spleen Disease with Peepal Tree:

Take 3-4 fresh leaves of peepal and mix crystal sugar in it and make a powder. Mix the powder in 250 ml water and then filter the mixture. This squash has to be given twice a day to the patient for 5 days. This medicine is very effective for patient of jaundice.

Treatment of Swelling in Spleen with Peepal Tree:

Take 10-20 gms of peepal bark and burn it out and add equal quantity of Kalmi Shora and pour it in ripe banana and eat one such banana each day and it will cure swelling of spline.

Treatment of Hiccups with Peepal Tree:

Take 50-100 gms bark of peepal and make its charcoal and extinguish it in water.

Treatment of Eye Pain with Peepal Tree:

Take the milk of the leaves of the plant and apply on the eye.

Treatment of Tooth Ache with Peepal Tree:

Take barks of both peepal and banyan tree in equal quantity and mix them well and boil the mixture in hot water.