Though medicine and science has made enormous developments and is constantly evolving, many people have now turned to using more natural and herbal treatments to treat their conditions.

Alternative medicine is now expanding beyond horizons, and more and more people are now making simple diet changes and using natural herbs and foods to cure many life-threatening and chronic conditions.


Awareness about the nutritional value of different natural substances is now common, and people are using more and more of these produce rather than medications and pills. Olive leaf is among one of the most beneficial and wonderful produce given by Mother Nature. Listed below are some amazing benefits of olive leaf extract.

Anti-ageing Properties of Olive Leaves:

Probably the most popular cosmetics today are anti ageing creams. Olive leaf extracts are actually a great alternative to anti ageing creams owing to their amazing composition which improve health, wellness and bring about overall longetivity.

The olive leaf extracts are assumed to improve immune system function, which keeps away many diseases and infections.

olive oil leaf

The most important health benefit of this leaf is that its extracts improve circulation of blood, which keeps the organs healthy, eliminate toxin accumulations, and thereby keep the skin glowing and healthy.

Antioxidant Properties of Olive Leaves:

Olive leaf extracts are loaded with antioxidants which fight away free radicals that cause cancer. They also help protect the blood vessels from damage and have thought to reverse the effects of atherosclerosis.

The olive leaves have both astringent and antiseptic qualities which make them an all-rounder.

Anti-hypertensive Properties of Olive Leaves:

With increased stress levels, hypertension can be a serious problem. That’s when olive leaf extracts can come handy. These extracts are thought to be anti-hypertensive in function, which significantly lower blood pressure, thereby preventing any heart complications that may arise.

Other Benefits of Olive Leaves:

Apart from these, olive leaf extracts do have many other health benefits. The compound oleuropein, a constituent of olive leaves is thought to be the main reason for disease resistance in the olive plant.


Thus, consumption of olive leaf extracts is thought to keep away many diseases and infections like candida infections, meningitis, influenza, common cold, encephalitis, pneumonia, chronic fatigue, hepatitis B, malaria, gonorrhea, dengue, shingles, tuberculosis, dental, ear, urinary tract and surgical infections and those conditions associated with a virus, retrovirus and bacteria.

Furthermore, this extract is thought to increase energy levels, maintain blood pressure levels and support the cardiovascular and immune system.

People susceptible to cold and viruses can benefit a lot by using olive leaf extracts as a preventive agent. Some people have also noted added benefits of using olive leaf extracts which include reduced arrhythmias (irregularity of heartbeats), less toothache and pain associated with hemorrhoids, diminished cravings, improved psoriasis and reduction in the pain of chronically achy joints.

Most pharmaceutical anti infective drugs work by a specific route, however, the extracts of this leaf, when used instead of medications, can work better since they selectively block an entire virus specific system in the individual. It is for this reason that they are thought to be true anti viral compounds.