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Where all the snot comes from

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Posted 15 May 2007 - 04:56 AM

Every cold or flu you have had that you cleared up with antibiotics
or pharmaceutical remedies will reappear once you start cleansing and
detoxing your body. And thus explains the mucus. I learned this
from watching the lectures of Dr Bernard Jensen at the Spa in
September 2005; a venue of rest and good food after the massive
healings I had experienced at The Sanctuary, Koh Phan Gan that summer.

You can understand it better with a diagram. This is my rendition of
what I remember from one of Dr Jensen's lectures I watched at The
Spa. Health, or lack of it, is on the vertical axis and time is on
the horizontal.


So, as a model, the diagram assumes that we all start off in a state
of perfect health when we are children. Then we get a cold and
perhaps take an antibiotic for it. Snot is immediately suppressed.
Snot, mucus, bogies, whatever you call it; this stuff is a sign your
body is eliminating the bad guys. Cold and flu medicines work on
stopping the production of mucus, thus giving us a false confidence
that the disease has been dealt with.

But Oh No, not at all. Because the next step is chest, sinus and
skin infections where the body is desperately trying to eliminate all
the repressed snot from a previous point in time. But this time it's
far more serious because your immune system has to deal with whatever
bug you caught at the time, as well as the growing accumulation of

And so the story goes on. Until, God forbid, cancer or worse. But
even at that point, it is not too late. The body is an incredible
machine and will heal itself given half a chance.

The point on the timeline where you stop the process of descent and
begin to heal yourself is a measure of what you can expect in terms
of healing reactions whilst you are getting well. So for me, I
stopped this process at around about the blue box, sometime in 2003.
Since then I have had a heap of healing reactions in the form of
sinus and chest infections, coughs and colds. Including major snot
production each time. Each time I have experienced this ill health I
have meditated through the process and only taken an aspirin maybe if
the headaches got really unbearable. I have taken no snot
suppressing medicines at all - apart from one serious hayfever
allergy I had in 2006 where I was left little choice but to buy an
inhaler because I couldn't breathe.

I am not saying do not use the chemist if you really need to. Not at
all. Don't get me wrong, modern medicine is fabulous stuff. BUT.
Be discerning. Ask yourself, do I really need this Sudafed,
Salbutomol, antibiotic, or whatever? Is there another way?

A quick story from the past. I used to suffer with tonsillitis every
October from about the age of 8 to 17. Of course, I would be given
antibiotics for the problem which would then go away. My local
doctor was a horrible man and he frightened me. At the age of 17 the
annual throat disease came on and I went as usual to the doc. The
antibiotics he gave me didn't work, so I went back for more. He gave
me exactly the same antibiotics again and they also didn't work. So
I went back for more. He gave me a different brand, stronger I
think, and finally they worked immediately.

I was sick of taking antibiotics, so when these more powerful drugs
started to work I stopped taking them. The metallic taste in my
mouth from them was disgusting. And, as I didn't complete the
course, the infection came back.

Well, I was too scared to go back to the doc and tell him that I
hadn't completed the course, because he would have told me off and
made me feel an inch high, which was an extra emotional battering I
couldn't endure at the time. So I just sat through the infection.
It was the worst throat infection I ever had. It lasted around two
weeks and there were sizable white golf balls at the back of my
throat for the duration.

Eventually it disappeared. AND.


I have NEVER had tonsillitis again in my life. I'm 33 now.

Interestingly, and not so unusually I expect, there wasn't a year of
my life until I was 30 where I didn't take at least one course of
antibiotics. That's fucked and it's no wonder I got so bloody sick.

However, we shouldn't forget that illness has an emotional aspect
which cannot be ignored, and will reveal itself once the healing has
got going in earnest. This needs to be supported too.

Dr Jensen places the root of all illness in the bowels and advises
nutritional changes for health. I saw him on the TV, a 77 year old
man, leaping around the stage like a young mountain goat explaining
his expertise in layman's terms to the audience. If you get a chance
to read anything by him or see his lectures you will not be

He explained to me why I produce excessive amounts of snot when I get
a healing reaction. Which makes it all OK in a way. And sometimes,
I even get a feeling for when the original illness was. I've
reported one of those feelings previously in my story, an illness
that harked back to when I was a teenager.

Very recently, I had a horrific chest infection during which I
started having uncanny thoughts about being in school when I was
seven. I remembered the classes - we were learning about the bones
and the skeleton. I remembered our teacher, Mrs Knight, and the
smell of the place. I was a very sickly child and was out of school
a lot as a kid, usually with bronchitis.

This is all very good news for me. Because it means I don't have too
far to go now in terms of mucus backlog. And I'm very happy about
that indeed.


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