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Re: Oasis, SDC/CSNO, & IBC Tijuana clinics, live cell therapy

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Posted 01 June 2007 - 07:30 PM

Oasis costs about $7000; I think it's mediocre; last I heard, they use
full-dose chemo plus alternatives.

SDC's in Tijuana, not San Diego. They're much less expensive, and, in
my opinion, the best.

San Diego International Immunological Center ( " San Diego Clinic " [SDC])
Filiberto Muñoz, M.D., immunologist & medical dir.
Gammill ScD, vgammill@..., clinical research consultant
Tijuana (1 block from US border)
858-523-9144; fax -0919; staff@...
" best reached through [CSNO; see below]. Patients that go through
[CSNO] have an advantage in prices, meds and services…send contact
information and a case overview to
staff@... " (Gammill); " outpatient…Costs…much less
than other clinics "
most effective w/solid tumors, particularly breast, colon, & prostate
cancer; also lung cancer, brain tumors (including GBM), CFS,
autoimmune diseases, MS & ALS
infrared whole-body hyperthermia; IV vits. C, K, & selenium,
chronomodulated IPT with " sensitizers… strategies for the inhibition
of drug resistance " , antineoplastons, UVBI, vaccines (NCV, Springer),
Coley's toxins, biologic response modifiers, IV immune modulation,
cytokines, mistletoe, factor AF-2, clodronate, alkyl-phospholipids,
cone therapy. " Many other meds and strategies [used] in conjunction
with CSNO " . Treatment is highly individualized. " As close to an
ethical alternative/integrative research clinic…as you will find "
Gammill, 9/01.
" I have never known a more caring and devoted physician. I thought I
was special, but so is every other patient [Dr. Munoz] works with "
Faye L. cited in AlternativeMedicine.com magazine 7/00
" I would recommend this clinic to cancer clients who are on a limited
budget. I respect Gammill's knowledge and Dr. Munoz' expertise
and know of clients who feel they owe their life and health to this
clinic "
RalphMoss.com (2002) rated SDC highly.
" I would recommend this clinic to cancer clients who are on a limited
budget. I respect Gammill's knowledge and Dr. Munoz's
expertise and know of clients who feel they owe their life and health
to this clinic " www.canhelp.com/ClinicsVisit.htm

Another spectacular clinic (even more economical) affiliated w/SDC is

Center for the Study of Natural Oncology (CSNO) (501c3 non-profit)
Gammill, Sc.D., ND, Director
Filiberto Muñoz, M.D., immunologist
445 Marine View, 260-S
Del Mar, CA 92014 (northern San Diego area)
858-523-9144; fax -0919; vgammill@... (or
" informs patients of cancer treatment options that are little known or
are used in research or in overseas clinics. CSNO helps patients
assess the relative merits of these therapies and helps make them
available….CSNO is an independent non-profit….works in conjunction
with other clinics, especially the San Diego Clinic [see below]. CSNO
can also arrange for places for cancer patients to stay while in the
San Diego and Tijuana area….we advocate for the patients in
negotiating lower fees " (Gammill). Free initial consultation.
Five-Day-Two-Month Cancer Retreat program ($5,000): " one week of
individualized intensive work at the Del Mar, CA house and take home
all the supplies for 2 months...includes testing and meds/supplements
that are difficult to obtain or expensive.... especially useful for
those patients who want to dive right into a very serious protocol as
a standalone or as an enhancement of any other strategy. The program
is constructed to dovetail with Dr. Munoz's vaccines, infusions and
hyperthermia if desired/recommended….additional referring physicians
and naturopaths "
Dr. Gammill has " 30 years of experience and research on what has been
effective and…ineffective " ; " working with cancer vaccines since the
early 1990s " ; " tracks every conceivable cancer treatment --
conventional, natural, investigational, historical, psychological…
makes assessments of the advantages, disadvantages, and general
usefulness of the various cancer tools, especially in combination. " " I
strongly believe that you should treat each patient like you would a
family member, and you can't do that on an assembly line....I have
[much] success with...stage four cancers [(including pancreatic
cancer), as long as medical complications aren't too severe]....I am
familiar with most of the cancer clinics in Mexico and their
therapies….I...provide chemistry, research, and consulting services
for a number of [Tijuana] clinics [particularly SDC; (see below)] " Gammill
I consider Dr. Gammill one of the best holistic cancer practitioners I
know of. Of all the great clinics I know of, CSNO is the most economical.
" Really good reports on Gammill....people we sent to him are
really doing well....he is honest....even some in very late stages
have been doing well….feedback we are getting is that [he] is GREAT "
Melinda Wiman, Cancer Cure Foundation, 1/19/02
" group of dedicated people…on a mission…go out of their way to help
cancer patients….EXTREMELY knowledgeable in natural and holistic
treatment of cancer….the best of care. They do things in a non-formal
and very friendly way, and work together with each individual patient
to find the best possible protocol for him/her " gubisara@...,
" is a 'rare' individual to find…warm and honest "
jcastron1@..., 2/05
" excellent…caring people…really care about you getting well and not
your pocket book " Katrina , kc43099@..., 4/05

Live Cell therapy/cell therapy/cellular therapy is effective though
very expensive. I wouldn't choose a clinic based on it. For more info,
http://groups.msn.com/LiveCellandStemCellTherapyGroup/_homepage.msnw? & pps=k & lc=1\

The best clinic I know of that offers it is
Intl. BioCare (IBC) Hospital & Medical Ctr. (formerly American Biologics)
Tijuana, Mexico; 800-785-0490 (hospital)/52-664-681-31-71 (Fax
-64-35); 800-701-7345 (info)
www.biocarehospital.com; ibchospital@...
in practice 30 yrs; RalphMoss.com rated it #1 hospital in Tijuana
Most successful with prostate, breast, lung, & colon cancer; " good
responses in…leukemia/lymphoma " & melanoma; " spectacular results in
local…rhabdomysocarcomas " ; effective w/brain tumors & brain
metastases; " we do the worst with extensive liver metastases
and…pancreatic cancer…though…we can virtually assure survival times
well beyond the conventional assessments "
" In 1987...of its first 5,000 cases...of which more than 90% were
terminal...5-yr survival rate of about 20% w/few or no symptoms "
(Diamond et al., 2000, p. 245). They now report a 25% 5-yr survival
rate. " 95% of patients…have some kind of positive response "
" one of the broadest lines of alternative therapies available in any
Mexican clinic " (Lerner, 1994, pp. 593-594)-- perfusion hyperthermia;
IV laetrile, vitamins & minerals; dendritic cell vaccine, BCG,
live-cell therapy, tumor liquefaction, tumor blockers, butyrates &
staphage-lystate in lymph-system-connected cancer, Alivett/Alivizatos
serum (for brain cancer); oxygen therapies (BiOx, HBO); UVBI, ACN
bioelectricity, Poly-MVA, enzymes, herbs, Ukrain; DMSO, SOD, catalase,
gerovital, Clostridium, detox, juice fasting; psychological support;
surgery. Low-dose chemo & radiation when necessary.
$4800/wk inpatient; $3200/wk outpatient; most people stay 3 wks
$25k for 3 wks inpatient plus 2 wks hyperthermia
80% of patients get 100% insurance reimbursement

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