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Vaccine exemption form: was opting out of vaccines in TN

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 10:05 PM

Go to this site for the form and laws.

> Why would you need a religious exemption for her for her check up?
> These are usually used for entrance to schools. We just adopted
> China in December also and have not given any vaccinations yet.
For our
> post placement we just told our social worker we were in
compliance with
> our pediatrician on an alternative vaccination schedule, but who
we just
> told we weren't going to vaccinate. The website you will want is
> http://www.vaccinesa...edu/cc-exem.htm and click on your state.
> should just be able to tell the dr. no. If there would be an
> then I would switch doctors and find one who is sympathetic.
> M
> [ ] Need help before tomorrow opting out of
> vaccines in TN
> Can someone help me with how to resource the religious exemption
> for TN?? We have within the past year had one child dx w/ severe
> anxiety disorder, one dx Aspie, one we suspect is aspie, one we
> is dyslexic. (All of these are bio-kids). All of that has led me
> this journey to you and this FABULOUS community of BRILLIANT and
> SACRIFICIALLY LOVING parents!... And an awareness of just how
> this world is, and a serious doubt about the wisdom of
> Our youngest of five, who is not accounted for in the trials
> above, was adopted almost three years ago from China, and is due
> her four year old checkup tomorrow. I don't want to give her any
> vaccinations, which will be an about-face for our family. Can you
> me with knowng how it is possible to opt out?? We live in the
state of
> TN.
> Gratefully,
> Sara Olson

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