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Sulfur for fleas, ticks, lice, chiggers and flies

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Posted 19 September 2004 - 12:13 AM


Here is all the information from a discussion on sulfur on another list.



Dose for a medium size adult human is 1 teaspoon.
Judge said human at 120-140 lbs - after all, this was 100 years ago and
people were smaller. So the 60 lb dog would get half a teaspoon, and
the little dog one eighth, using this as a guideline.

My Mom always used to put sulfur in milk to de-worm all our barn

For external parasites, though, you can add 1 teaspoon yellow sulfur
powder per goat to their individual feeds every Saturday night. This
makes them exude a brimstone odor through their skin which lice and
ticks and flies can't live with. Also keeps the goats' digestion in
good order, they shouldn't ever get constipated.

If you think you  got them in your yard rather than camping or the park
etc., just dust your yard very very lightly with agricultural sulphur. do
not inhale it and wash hands etc well after using it. read the directions
When I first moved into my lake property there was nothing but trees, tall
grass in some areas and scrub with
forest litter in between, and in all that stuff,..millions of chiggers. It
was a long hill with a southwest wind coming off the lake so i started on my
neighbors lake front and went all along the two lake fronts allowing the
breezes to carry the dust up the hill to cover my lots and neighbors lots on
either side. We were never bothered with chiggers the 20 plus years we were
there after that. nor ticks. I didn't want to kill everything, and was happy
that it seemed to be of no harm to other animal/insects.

If you think you  got them in your yard rather  than camping or the park
etc., just dust your yard very very lightly with agricultural sulphur. do
not inhale it and wash hands etc well after using it. read the directions.

I had a bad case of lice
in early spring. I gave my goats one and a half teaspoons of sulfur per head
per day. I gave this to all of them until the lice was gone. I rubbed the
sulfur along the back line of each animal and underneath the legs. I put
sulfur in a syringe (without the needle) with honey or molasses and added
water. They took it without any problem. As soon as I see anyone scratching
give them this treatment and Viola! the lice are gone. I bought my sulfur
the herb store. I couldn`t find it anywhere in the feed stores.
Here is a good book to get for goats, Natural goat Care by Pat Coleby.

I've not used internal sulfur on a regular basis for the goats myself
as there hasn't been any need, just the occasional goat whose lice did
not die off by more usual means.
But one of the more famous dairy herds in NZ, in the Waikato where they
have ticks as well as lice, did a weekly dosing with sulfur for many
years. The goats were beautiful, healthy and high producers. Each goat
had its dose mixed in with its ration on a Saturday night.
Goats do seem to like the taste, as I've seen them lick the dust off
each other when it has been used externally.
Seems logical to give a smaller dose to a smaller goat.

Pharmacies do carry yellow sulfur powder. Will be expensive, though,
as it's purer than the agricultural version. For medicinal purposes
it's to BP standard. This does mean you could use it internally on the
goats to repel boarders, dose per adult goat is 1 teaspoon weekly. Much
more economical than using it as a dusting powder.
Btw, internally or externally, even though it stinks, I've not had any
trouble with tainted milk. The goats themselves do exude an odor of

The sulfa drug I used is called Eftolon, it's made by Pfizer, and is
used for both animals and humans. I had the animal stuff, and used the
pig dose, which is the same as for humans. I doubt it is allowed in the
US, but here, if you are out of reach of medical assistance and you have
drugs that will work, even if they are in an animal packet, you will be
advised by telephone of the dose rate and frequency. I had the oral
form, and just mixed it in a little water and swallowed it. Sulfa drugs
taste absolutely foul, but I had to take them when I was a child with
whooping cough so I got accustomed. The alternative is to pack a
capsule, which has always been impossible for me, I just can't swallow
them - Mum had to break the capsules when I was 6, and mix the powder
with a spoonful of milk....
I've found sulfa much more effective than penicillin and tetracyclines
for abscesses of all sorts in animals. It also works better in newborn
pneumonia than anything else, and is sold in its cheapest form for than
in NZ, for animals. The sulfa family has several variations, some of
which are better for certain ailments than others. Any good veterinary
dictionary should give a short history of them, it's very interesting.
Btw, sulfa is the cure for leprosy. It's the oldest of the modern
drugs, started being used in animals in the UK about 1936, I think. At
that stage penicillin was still in the laboratory.

I had a similar problem with one of my bucks and biting flies, they
adored him and never touched the other bucks. One of the neighbour's
bitches was the same. I came to the conclusion they both had sweeter
blood than the others! <grin> A favourite anti-sandfly trick in NZ is
for a human to have 1 tablespoon vinegar daily - you can take it how you
like. Never tried it on my goat but would be easy enough with a dog.
The vinegar is suppposed to give off fumes through the skin that the
insects can't tolerate so they stay away.
Another old trick is to give an animal 1 teaspoon weekly of yellow
sulfur powder. This does make the animal give off brimstone fumes from
the skin, I've used it on a couple of goats who never quite got rid of
all their lice by any other method, which made them reservoirs for
reinfecting the rest of the herd. Sulfur and treacle was the
Saturday-night dose for the humans in the late 19th, early 20th
centuries, supposed just to clear out the digestion but I bet it shooed
off the bedbugs and fleas as well.

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