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Re: Imunocal Dosing

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#1 *guest

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Posted 15 October 1999 - 09:18 PM

Hi Phil. I take 1 packet (Imuplus), but am hoping to slowly increase this.

#2 *guest

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Posted 15 October 1999 - 03:37 PM

Philip L Comer wrote:

> From: Philip L Comer <philcome@...>
> For those of you taking Imunocal how do you determine how much to take?
> Some seem to take 1/2 packet others 1-2 or more a day.
> Thanks
> Phil

Hi Phil,

Seems to be pretty individual, trial and error. I am only taking 1/3 pack a day
because more gives me fever, sore throat, sore glands and more fatigue. The
package recommends one pack per day.
Cheney says his people have done better on two packs per day. I think you have
to find your own tolerance and comfort levels with it. Good luck.....


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discussed here, please consult your doctor.

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