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Aids cure! US patent #5,676,977 http://www.USPTO.GOV

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Posted 25 April 2004 - 03:48 PM

Please spread the word. There are patented compounds that CURE AIDS.

These compounds are effective and non-toxic and at the right
concentration are 100% effective.

The link provided is so that you can view the patents registered in
the US Patent office.

copy/paste this link into your browser:
http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2 & Sect2=HITOFF & p=1 & u=/netahtm\
l/search-bool.html & r=1 & f=G & l=50 & co1=AND & d=ptxt & s1=5,676,977.WKU. & OS=PN/5,676,977\
& RS=PN/5,676,977

or go to:
and search for patent number 5,676,977

The pharmaceutical companies do not want this known for obvious reasons.

The compounds are uniformly effective against the AIDS virus and also
kill various other harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

A one-time injection of certain silver-containing compounds will
eliminate AIDS. It will not reverse the damage already caused by the
virus but it will kill the virus in the body.

I have no personal interest in helping to make this information public
other than a desire to expose the inhumane frauds perpetrated on so
many of us by companies whose sole concern is money and self.

Again, please spread the word. Examine the information filed with the
patent office. Examine the related patents. You will be convinced in
a matter of minutes(or even seconds). If we keep waiting then we will
prolong the suffering of millions and shorten the lives of millions.

AIDS can be completely eradicated, but those of you who have
contracted AIDS may be the ones whose efforts will have the most power
and influence to change this horrifying obstruction of humanitarianism.

Our esteemed Congress has bent to the lobbying efforts of none other
than... the pharmaceutical companies... to prohibit the purchase of
..999 silver by anyone but jewelers. Write to your senators and
representatives. Have them explain to you why you must suffer and die
and pay huge amounts of money for ineffective " treatments " in the
meantime. Let them know you will withhold your votes for them if they
are not forthcoming with truth and honest reasons for their treachery.

Remember to be civil with your congresspeople or they will close their
clamshells and will not help you.

Contact chemists. Do your research. Lets do this. Any small part
you play is an essential part of the whole movement to stop the
killing of people by the withholding of cures for diseases.

Somewhere along the line the myth was started that there is no cure
for a virus. It is myth, now proved to be myth.

Camano Island, WA

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