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Re: silver pulser or magnetic pulser

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Posted 30 June 2005 - 07:45 PM

Hi Barb,
Sorry about our vague answers at the office. Governemt regs make it
illegal for us to discuss any health related issue.
In my opinion, may I suggest the Silver Pulser? It is our " flagship "
unit, is very inexpensive, and also makes ionic/colloidal silver. My
wife suffered from CFS for years. She finally " cured " herself with
the Silver Pulser only. The Silver Pulser is a wonderful immune
system booster (as verified by dark-field microscopy). This unit in
itself might help clear your sinuses indirectly. The Magnetic Pulser
might be added at a later date. We get so many testimonial feedback
from folks using the Silver Pulser that we have come to realize that
it is a " must have " unit.
Hope this helps,
Russ :>)

> Hello All. I'm new to this group, so please pardon if I ask a
> question already discussed.
> I'm confused as to whether to buy a Silver Pulser or a Magnetic
> to get rid of Candida. I have it specifically in my sinuses, but
> in my intestines. My lymph system is sluggish, and I have a very
> energy level. I've also been tested to have Epstein-Barr and
> Fatigue.
> I've read conflicting information, about blood electrification
> Pulser), and the Magnetic Pulser that they both can treat Candida,
> I'm not sure which unit to buy.
> Also, I'm worried about whether it will affect something I had
> surgically placed in 1999 - I had a teflon pad placed on all 4
> of a nerve on the right side of my brain. Since I have the
candida in
> my sinuses, if the magnetic pulser is the right unit for me,
should I
> not use it near my head/brain area due to the teflon?????
> I've called SOTA and talked to them about it and they give very
> answers, just that they believe that it does not interfere with
> surgical metals. In other site information, I read that anyone
with a
> pacemaker should not use the unit close to the pacemaker. So, I
> wondering about this teflon pad and if there would be any adverse
> reaction from using the magnetic unit. And if I shouldn't, then
> can I reach the sinus area???????
> Signed, perplexed.
> Thank you,
> Barb (barb8296@y...)

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