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Re: Alternative to imuran

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Posted 26 May 2009 - 12:01 PM

Almost all of us take Prednisone as our basic medication. Some few people
can't tolerate it at at any level; most of us adjust the dosage so it works
for us. Usually, we start out at a relatively high dosage and then lower it
as our labs indicate it's safe to do. The goal is to lower the Prednisone
dosage as quickly as possible, while simultaneously lowering the ALT/AST

As an adjunct to Prednisone, most of us take Imuran or a similar
medication. Imuran is known as a steroid-sparing immunosuppressant. Very, very
take Imuran alone, at first, but many of us are able to go to only Imuran
once we can reduce and then remove Prednisone from our medications list.

Some of us can't use Imuran, for various reasons. We don't " develop an
intolerance for Imuran. " For them, medications such as CellCept and 6MP are

Are you seeing a hepatologist? Are your ALT/AST levels satisfactory? I hope
you're able to resolve your medications problem soon and find something
that works well for your body.


In a message dated 5/26/09 2:47:59 PM, rani_deol71@... writes:

> Hello everyone,
> Under another thread, I noticed people suggesting if someone develops
> intolerance to imuran, then one can switch to another drug. I consulted this
> with my doctor, who is a very good doctor and a liver specialist. He listed
> quite a few alternative drugs, and explained that all of these work the same
> way how imuran works in the body, except those are stronger than imuran,
> hence making the side effects even worse. Imuran is the least reactive drug
> in the body comparing to all other drugs. His list included Prednisone. I
> know from personal experience, that this drug is so so much worse that it
> nearly drove me crazy within 2-3 months that I totally abandoned it. I was
> even required to see a psychiatric while on this drug. So I would not be too
> optimistic about switching to another drug that will make things even
> worse. Please be careful.
> Thank you,
> Rani

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