Yoga is a part of life (jeevan darshan), self discipline. It teaches the way of life, frees us from all diseases and leads us to salvation. It’s a spiritual education for self-cure and atma darshan. Yoga makes a man perfect. Yoga is not the only alternate medical way for cure, but based on the proofs we can say that it cures the disease from the root. It is a shastra.

Unlike allopathy its not symptm-bassed medication. It cures the disease from the roots and makes us healthy. Yoga is not be looked upon as exercise or a prayer. Yoga is a science which is far away from selfishness, assumptions or ignorance. According to the mythology it is said that through yoga the eight charkas in the human body can be activated. Regular practice of pranayama drives away all the evils of our life.

When we carried out the research on the basis of scientific background of eight charkas and comparative study of ancient cultural words and modern medical science we fond that muladhar, swadhishthan, Manipur, heart, anhat, agya and sahasrar charka are related to reproductory , excretory, digestive, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, nerves and endocrine system respectively. The functions of muladhar to sahasrar charka are the same as reproductive system to endocrine system. Through practice of yoga and seven pranayamas the eight charkas can be activated and controlled.

Imbalance of one system leads to many diseases. Language may be different but the essence of science and spiritual values are the same, language is just a means to express one’s feelings. 400 yrs of slavery has now led us to such a state where we don’t understand, vat, pit and constipation, but we understand anabolism, catabolism, metabolism.

Through ones own negligence we don’t take pride in our heritage and culture rather we feel ashamed. We read about the charkas and feel we are into the trap. But after having read about the systems we feel we have become systematic, but the truth is the ancient and modern knowledge is one and the same.

The Ayurvedic theory which says pragyaapraadhohi savarogaanam mulkaaranam (charak) is not understood by us but when they say – ‘ stress is the main cause ofall diseases’, we take it scientifically correct. Time is came when we should overcame ignorance and assumption and accept the truth. For example – the imbalance of endocrine system leads to stress, heart diseases, high blood pressure, agony, obesity, diabities, and other chronic diseases. In the same way imbalance of skeletal system leads to ‘shataadhik’ ( more than 100 diseases). The man is affected due to arthritis and muscle disorders. By this we can say that any disorder in the internal system is a disease and if they are balanced then it is having good health.

Lakhs and crores of people have directly or indirectly told us that mainly by practising the seven pranayamas regularly the eight charkas and the eight systems are balanced. As a result we lead a happy and healthy life through yoga. The chemical salts or hormones which we were taking as a medicine regularly is not needed because what ever we were taking externally are present internally.

Yoga unlike allopathy is not like a ‘pigeon hole treatmeant’, apart from emergency services or operations, in remaining all the other treatments yoga has proved to be the best. In some complicated disease if Ayurveda is included with yoga then the treatment becomes more effective. The healthier side of the Ayurveda along with the spiritual side of the yoga are beneficial. Even though the main aim of yoga is to attain Samadhi (salvation) or to attain the ultimate form, or the ultimate truth. From the journey of yoga till Samadhi the hurdles, ie., diseases are cured automatically. The cure of disease through yoga is not just a physical exercise or a dream come true, a form of bribe or counseling, but it is a fact. I am confident that in future the world will accept yoga and lead a peaceful healthy life and become a sensitive and wealthy world. Integration of science, sprituality and materialism will lead to total development of the world. By practising yoga the atmadharma and rastradharma will be awakened. The world will walk towards the path of success. The people will break free and variousisms of barriers of caste, religion, region, language and will work for the country. Then India will be recognized as one of the greatest cultural, spiritual, economic and social energy.