Lucknow, Apr 27: Sharing the dais with yoga-guru Baba Ramdev, Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s hope for 2014 polls, Narendra Modi on a day long visit to Haridwar on Friday praised the role of saints and seers and said that it is our saints who have built the country and not our political leaders and governments.

Addressing a meeting in Haridwar, Modi said saints are those who offer by nature and play a leading role in building the country. Mentioning the Kumbh Mela as a form of well-organized management, Modi claimed saying that any teaching institution across the world would consider the event as a case of knowledge.

Inaugurating Ramdev’s new school ‘Acharya Kulam’, Modi claimed that it is a vedic-cum-modern education centre near Patanjali Yog Vidyapith in Haridwar, which was attended by a number of spiritual leaders and followers.

Proclaiming Gujarat’s ability to progress even after the damage caused by a major earthquake, Modi said that even though India is named in the list of poor countries, Gujarat has reached the peak in development in spite of havoc caused by the earthquake.

Underscoring the growth and development of Gujarat, the BJP leader said that Gujarat has been free from riot for the past twelve years. Appealing to the supporters, Modi stressed saying that our country has lost self- esteem; therefore it is necessary that every Indian exhibits this motivation in front of the world.

Recalling his childhood days with the Yoga Guru, Modi said that he knew Baba Ramdev since his bicycle days and admired saying that Ramdev had one life and one mission.

Terming Baba Ramdev to be his twin brother, Modi alleged that he and Baba had been targeted frequently by the leaders in Delhi. Meanwhile,the yoga guru in his address encouraged Modi and said that the country is in need of a leader like Modi to lead from forefront.