Adult acne is a challenge and not necessarily a by-product of age like it was when we were young. It’s true that adult acne break out mainly due to hormonal reasons, but it can also be the result of extremely oily skin. And believe me, acne and acne scars, small or big can be a real blow to a person’s confidence.


First rule of acne. Never burst it even though you think it looks better that way. How exactly to burst acne is very scientific and should not be done by someone who doesn’t know how to. If the first step to bursting acne is wrong then it will leave a post acne mark or deep scar. So it’s best not to beat it out. Here are a few home remedies that will help you treat acne and acne scars.

1. Lemon: You might have a big wedding in the family. So you wouldn’t want to be sporting an awful acne scar now would you? So keep applying lemon juice on the zits, every one hour, through the day. Lemon is basically citric acid and will change the pH of the skin and burst acne.

2. Sandalwood: Once the acne is ruptured or open, apply sandalwood on it 2-3 times a day.

3. Multani Mitti: For those with oily skin, apply multani mitti which also known as fullers earth. Use this twice a month and it will keep your zits in control by absorbing all the excess oil off your face.

4. Face Pack: If you have acne all over your face and mostly in the lower part, then apply a mix of lemon juice, fullers earth and sandalwood. Be careful to buy them all at a good, credible shop. Applying them once a week will keep acne at bay.

Besides Home Remedies, Here are a List of Things You Might Want to Factor in:

1. When it comes to daily care, you might want to revisit the face wash you’re using. Make sure it’s one which helps prevent acne . Also, it would be a good idea to use face wash that contains salicylic acid (about 2 percent) and lactic acid (about 5 percent) once or twice a week.

2. Don’t indulge in a parlor or salon facial when acne is present on your face. Some of them might claim to work well on acne but  I would strictly advise you against it. I’ve found that in India especially, these treatments seem to work for a few days and then the acne starts to erupt.

3. Also avoid bleaching and taking steam.