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hello,to anyone that is out there i just had surgery on Sept 23,, 2005

on both jaw and a chin enhancement. my dentist and orthodontic said

this was the only thing that would help my problem it hurt something

when i have to chew for a long time and my jaw hurt when i wake up in

the morning because i can't close my mouth all the way so of course i

snore and might have sleep abona from all these problems. so i got the

braces has been wearing them for three years now at the age of 28yrs.

and now i got this to deal with minor hurt and disconfort. i'm still

num i guess that is a good thing i just wish i can stop drulling worse

than my 16 mth son because i still can't close my mouth. hope this

part will last a short time. how about that swellening my son was

scared at firts it,but as days go by it goes down i wish that will

hurry up .so i can see myself again and hate going out like this so i

just stay in the house. the swellening hurt my neck but guess i have

to over it. i was wondering for anyone out there how long did these

thing last for you. and how much weight did you end up losing i'm

medium frame now and i don't want to go shoping for a whole new

waredro. hope ever one who had this surgery is doing well i'm alrght

just wish it could be better.

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