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Kim, Oxandrin

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Hi Kim,

Oxandrin taken on it's own will advance the bone age.

was on the lowest dose that can be prescribed and his bone

age advanced 2 years during the 12 months he was on it. He needed a

bone age done every three months to see what it was doing.

Insulin resistance and cholesterol levels also have to be monitored

while on the medication. never had a problem with these, but

it was something we were aware needed to be monitored.

Other side effects of oxandrin (which don't really worry a male) are

deepening of the voice and increased facial hair.

took oxandrin on its own. I have no idea if taking lupron and

aromasin with oxandrin would keep the pubertal hormone levels low

enough to prevent puberty from occurring.

How old is and what is his bone age? Could you get a third

opinion from another endocrinologist? Oxandrin worked well for

, however I should stress that we used it for puberty issues,

not growth. The growth he got from it was a bonus.



> Then, I faxed her notes to 's local endo. After reading

the notes, he called me &

> said that if we followed Dr. H's treatment plan, he would no

longer see as a

> patient. She recommended putting on Oxandrin, an anabolic

steroid, to help him

> grow while keeping him on GH, Lupron, & Aromasin. According to

Dr. H, this would give

> him some pubertal symptoms, but not advance the bone age on the

low dose she is

> prescribing. Because he would stay on Lupron & Aromasin, she says

he would not actually

> have pubertal hormone levels. 's local endo believes that

this could still advance

> the bone age, and giving him a steroid could worsen his insulin

resistance problems. He

> says he knows of no endocrinologist here who would treat a RSS

patient with this. I am

> scared to death that no matter what I choose for that it

will be the wrong thing.

> It's one thing if something doesn't help him, but it's another if

it can be detrimental to

> him. We have been seeing Dr. H every 6 months, and I don't know

whether we can afford

> to travel there every 3 months if I end up without a local endo to

prescribe everything.


> Dr. H claims that she has prescribed Oxandrin before to a few

patients who had similar

> poor growth patterns like even on GH. If this is you, I

would greatly appreciate

> knowing how Oxandrin worked for your child, if it affected bone

age, and if there were any

> negative side effects. I was planning to fill the prescription

tomorrow, but now I am a

> nervous wreck....


> Kim C.


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