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I think you handled the situation perfectly!! Kids say the first thing that

pops into their heads. They haven't developed the " tact " filter most adults

have. I think it's worse when those same type comments come from adults who

should know better!! And as gets older, and starts to understand what

people are saying, she'll have already learned to deal with " those comments "

with humor. What a great mom!!

I don't know of any chart that helps with developmental milestones for RSS

kids. It is SO different for each child, as there are so many things that

factor into it. Is in an Early Intervention Program?? Does she receive

any type of therapy on a regular basis??? These things might help.

could barely hold up his own head at one year of age, and he only weighed

10#!! As he started gaining weight, and staying healthy for longer periods

of time, his milestones started stacking up. At 15 m he started sitting

prone, a month later he could sit on his own. Over the next 5 months he

learned to pull himself up on furniture, toddle around it, and by 21 m he

started taking off on his own two feet.

I don't want to say " don't worry " because as a mom you will anyway, but know

that although the milestones might come a little later, they do come, and

our kids don't seem to be any worse for the wear.

I hope this helps

Hugs for you and yours!!

Pat (g-ma to , RSS, 4 yrs old, G-Tube, GHT)

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