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A Happier Note

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Hello everyone. I'm Back. Well - maybe 75% back - but, on my way

and I feel so much better.

I've been reminded every day how blessed I am. God has always

delivered the most beautiful people to me during very difficult

times and I've found yet so many of those people here on this


Thank you to all that have shown me so much support during this

difficult time, such caring and positive thoughts - I REALLY

appreciate it. I will pray that I have as much of an effect on

others here as you have all been for me. Thank you.

My dh sais he knows I started doing better yesterday when I finally

took a shower and decided I needed to start cleaning the house! LOL

Yes, boy did I stink! LOL Then, the boys and I made chocolate chip

cookies after dinner. Today, I went to the grocery store by myself,

made a couple of phone calls to two very dear friends of mine, and

then called my mom while I made homemade chicken noodle soup (good

for healing the soul). I'm planning on baking an apple pie for my

husband after dinner. That's his favorite and he has been

incredibly supportive and wonderful through all of this (okay - a

little crabby today - but, then again - he saw my Dillard's bill and

wasn't too happy <grin>) - he so deserves more than a pie - but, the

way to a man's heart is usually through his stomach!

The boys are doing better. Ian is still a little crabby - but, he

looks SO much better. This ng tube was a God send. He looks

healthier and his hair is starting to curl again. Xander is better

today too - not as whiney and listening a little better.

Ian's tests will be on Friday along with his new Endo appointment.

My mom is on " hold " until we know the surgery dates for the G-tube.

Now that Ian weighs more - my dh and I are confident he will handle

the surgery much better. His sugars have been pretty good -

actually, pretty stable.

Thank you again everyone. You are all so wonderful. Hugs to you


- H

Happy New Year.

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