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Re: endocrinologists

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Hi Jayne,

An endocrinologist is a specialist in growth, such as height. I saw

where you addressed Lily maybe needing a feeding tube? I think I

read that. An endo. doctor would not have anything to do with the

feeding tube. You would need to see a gastroenterologist (GI) for

the feeding tube questions. A GI doctor would also know about reflux

and would be able to recommend the right tests to check to see if she

was having this problem. When you go to your endo. appointment, they

will weigh and measure her and want to know her growth history. They

may or may not know anything about RSS. A lot of times it is hit and

miss for doctors on whether they know anything. If I were you, I

would go to the MAGIC website and print out some information on RSS

and take it with you. I forget when you said the appointment was,

but you could even call MAGIC for them to send you some info. I

think you said Lily was 15 months old? She is too young to start on

GH right now. You want to make sure she is able to eat enough and

get the calories first. Once she starts GH, she will need to be able

to eat enough to keep up with her height increase.

Okay, I am sure there are many others on here who could explain a

little more to you about waht will go on at a endo. appointment. We

have only had one " endo " appointment and I was greatly disappointed

as the doctor knew little about RSS and had little info. to offer.

Luckily, we are able to see Dr. H., the RSS expert in New York City

to help us and guide us through this crucial point in 's life.

Anyway, if you are worried about her eating and not taking in enough,

you need to make an appointment with a GI doctor.

Hope I helped....even a little! ;o)

Jodi R.

's mommy


> can anyone tell my what to expect from the endo Dr on friday? Will


> know anything about RSS.


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