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Re: first night in helmet...

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Hi -

Overall, I'd say it wasn't too bad of a night for you, at least he

got 7+ hours of solid sleep, even if you didn't! Hopefully tonight

will go a little more smoothly.

If you're going to pay someone to paint the band, I would wait until

after his first adjustment, otherwise you'll be annoyed that the

paint job was ruined/chipped if they do have to shave more away (for

my son, they cut more away from the ear holes on his first band, and

trimmed his forehead up on the second, but I painted it myself, so

it was no big deal to touch it up). For the next week, maybe just

throw some stickers on it to keep it from looking so stark white,

until you get it painted. I would recommend clear/plastic stickers

as opposed to paper/white stickers, they peel off easier.

BTW, the first public experience is the hardest. I remember being

very aware of everyone around me, but I made our first outting the

grocery store, where the deli people, cashiers and baggers all

recognize us, and it wasn't nearly as intimidating (they just

chatted us up as normal and if they asked about his hat, it seemed

more out of genuine concern or caring, rather than just plain old

curiosity). Once you get past that first outting, it gets easier

until you forget they're even wearing it!

Good luck!

Jake-2 (DOCBand Grad 9/19/08)


> > >

> > > Hi group - My son gets his DOCband today in a few hours. What

am I

> > in for his first night? Im hoping he sleeps like a rock as

usual. I

> am

> > going to be very bummed if his awesome sleep pattern that I


> so

> > hard to get him to do is interrupted. He is a solid 12-14 hour

> > sleeper. Do I have sleepless nights ahead?

> > > -

> > > Cole gets his DOCband today!! :( EEEK

> > >

> >


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