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Re: first night in helmet...

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Hi --

I decorated Merrick's band, and it went smoother than I thought.

There are some great detailed directions in the files folder. I

painted on acrylic paint with a 1 " synthetic brush (three coats),

then added vinyl stickers, and finished with two coats of modge podge

(painted on with a foam brush). I read one mom suggested doing an

additional layer of modge podge after paint and before the stickers--

that way if you have to remove a sticker or reposition it, it won't

ruin your paint job--I wish I would have done that. I used a blow

dryer on cool and low to help dry between coats. I painted and

decorated it the first day we got it--and I was glad that I did. The

schedule is a bit more lax on those first days and it looked so much

better. I realize that I have provided a lot of tips on decorating--

but haven't yet shared a photo--so I just posted one in the 'M'

folder. We did a skater theme--a rip off of the 2008 calendar. There

are lots of ideas in those calendars. And I ordered the stickers from

stickergiant.com, but you can also get them at s.


> > >

> > > Hi group - My son gets his DOCband today in a few hours. What

am I

> > in for his first night? Im hoping he sleeps like a rock as usual.


> am

> > going to be very bummed if his awesome sleep pattern that I


> so

> > hard to get him to do is interrupted. He is a solid 12-14 hour

> > sleeper. Do I have sleepless nights ahead?

> > > -

> > > Cole gets his DOCband today!! :( EEEK

> > >

> >


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