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Re: Day 2 in second DOC Band.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that our therapist at CT said that he liked

the bands made from the scans, because they allowed for more

adjustments by the therapists themselves. He was saying it in

reference to my son's band in the forehead area, he cut quite a bit

away to give him more space above his eyebrows. I don't remember him

cutting any away from there with the first one. I think he meant

that there was some extra band to work with, so maybe that's the

issue with 's forehead indentation, some more just needs to

be trimmed away.

Jake-23m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand #2 10 weeks)


> >

> > We got 's second band yesterday. She was in her first

> band

> > just short of 3 months and we've seen termendous changes!!!! And

> to

> > point out, her first helmet was traditional casting an this new

> one

> > was the 3d scan.

> >

> > As it was put on her head, it didn't look as loose as the first

> > one. Actually looked " tight " , I mentioned that all out loud. We

> did

> > our 20 minute wait and then our clinician made the cuts around


> > ears and we were on our way. I stared the 3 hour checks as soon

> as

> > we got home and there are real specific spots that look to be

> > painful. The one we are most concerned with is in the front that

> > looks to be digging into her soft spot. Every time I take off


> > helmet, the spot is there. Also, there is a long crease on the

> left

> > side of her forehead.

> >

> > NOW, as for the long crease - 3 inches or so, CT says only look

> for

> > pressure points. Well, this is an inditation of the helmet,

> doesn't

> > this count?

> >

> > I wish I had brought her old helmet home last night, I would

> have

> > popped that on for the weekend, but they kept it until the

> positive

> > of her head comes in. NUTS!

> >

> > For those of you who have experience with both traditional

> casting

> > and 3d scan, did you see a considerable difference with the

> helmets?

> > Our first one was quite roomy and it would move a little on her

> > head. This one, no such room available.

> >

> > I am going to plan on going up on Monday (our regular appt. is

> > Thursday).

> > What do you think is going on?

> >

> > Thanks for hanging on this long!

> >

> >

> > 8 Months old, scaphy DOC band #1 5/15/08-8/8/ 08

> > band #2 day 2, not a happy mommy;)

> >


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