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Re: Dina gets band today, I need help decorating it

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Hi --

I did not airbrush, but I think the main issue there would be to

protect the inside of the band. CT was telling me they had a LO that

was breaking out, and when they brought him in, they saw that the

inside had some spray paint on it, and that wast the cause of the

irritation. They recommended when spraying to put an old t-shirt on

the inside to protect.

I decorated the first day. But I'm the type of person if I want to

get something done, I want to do it immediatly. We picked up the band

in the morning and had a 3 hours on, one off schedule. I had hoped to

do it in an hour and put it back on before bed, but it took me

longer. So I put my LO to bed then put it on him while he was

sleeping when I was through. I understand that some people are told

not to have their LO sleep in it the first couple nights based on

their kind of helmet, and I think that would be a good opportunity. I

was so glad that I decorated that first day--looked so much cooler

and less hospital patient.


Merrick 4-months, 11mm plagio, 8 days in band

> > > >

> > > > I am very nervous at what my reaction will be when they put

> the

> > > band on

> > > > her. I have gotten better about the idea of it (I don't tear

> up

> > > when I

> > > > talk about it). I know its the best for her, its my issue


> it

> > > that

> > > > I need to work on. Being 4 months pregnant is not helping

> cause

> > my

> > > > hormones are racing. Any words of advice will help greatly. I

> > also

> > > need

> > > > advice on decorating the band. In past posts I've read that

> rub-

> > ons

> > > are

> > > > better than stickers, is that true? I also read that modge

> podge

> > or

> > > no-

> > > > chip clear nail polish is good for a top coat. I've also


> > that

> > > > both of those leave a bad odor and that the fumes might harm

> her.

> > I

> > > am

> > > > getting overwhelmed with all the methods. What is the best


> to

> > > > decorate the band?

> > > >

> > > > Nina

> > > >

> > >

> >


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