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Re: Hello! Long Time Gone

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Well just thought I'd share with you, I bought myself a wheel chair for my 50th birthday! That way if I ever get to the place I won't need it, I'll remember when I bought it, some did not see the humor in it, but we have to have humor in our life:).

it's the light weight one, cost me $199 and the insurance company would not pay for any of it! Good to hear from you, and hang in there! Marla

Hello! I haven't been around for a bit but still read every once in


They finally blew enough of my veins to decide I needed a port. I had

the surgery a week ago Friday and it was a piece of cake. Has anyone

had any problems with theirs? I still have the stupid strips on it

and it's itching like crazy but that's nothing to complain about. The

last time they gave my Cytoxan to me it took 7 attempts before they

could get a vein so I'll be glad that's over with. The only sad thing

is I didn't get to go do the bungee jumping on the trampoline first.

LOL That probably wouldn't have been a good idea with my cvp shunt


I'm still knitting socks for the orphanage and it's time for my

annual move. LOL I'm going to try to find a place that will allow a

pet and the ramp to get in the building here is a bit steep and I

have fallen about 3 times. No serious injuries, just frustrating.

There are other issues with this apartment complex also. I am still

waiting for my screen & my window to be opened. LOL A little late for

that. I also requested stove knobs that didn't have the numbers

scrubbed off and when they put in the new tile in the bathroom they

used the wrong stuff or too much and a year later it is still oozing

out from between the tiles and it's been a year since they put them


On the positive side: My granddaughter got married the 10th of this

month! It was held outside in a county park by a lake. It was warm

still in October and no rain! It was a small wedding, nothing fancy

but I loved it.

I am still taking Cytoxan every 3 weeks but it's a very low dose. I

have another mri next month or maybe December and they'll let me know

if it's slowing or stopped in my spine. I am on the walker all the

time now but still moving and that's what they're trying to keep me

doing. I was trying to get one of those motorized scooter things but

the place selling them said my neurologist said in the case notes

that I could get around my apartment on my walker and medicare

doesn't care if I can get around outside! That is what the chair

place said. I give up! I can get a manual lightweight wheelchair to

go do my shopping for about $150. I'll just give it to myself for

Christmas! I took physical therapy for a month but the part leftover

after medicare was beyond my means!

Hope everyone has a better day.


-- Marla BramerIndependent Beauty Consultant Kay mbramer@...www.marykay.com/mbramer

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