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RE: Hi Marla

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thank you , yes my head is feeling much better .

I can't believe nothing works for you, ashame they can't find some relief for you.

You know I do not know how I do it somedays myself either marla, but I keep on going,

many hugs and blessings

, I am so glad your head aches are better, I have that on fire head pain, and find not much helps.

I tried a new pain med last week and had a terrible reaction, so think I will just stick to my

Aspirin, it seems to work the best. I haven't been very good at taking my Milk thistle I know Tracie is

always reminding, I need to do better. I don't know how you do what you do girl, but I'm sure glad you are feeling better.


On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 5:51 PM, jessicabouhamama <JessicAbouhamama (AT) aol (DOT) com> wrote:

I just wanted to leave you all know my headache finally is back under control, after a week, I got my oxycontin precription on Saturday but it took till today to finally get the pain under control.

it was the first day I woke up without that brain squezzing pain.

I am sorry I have not kept up with emails for the past week but between school work and the pain, grrrrr

Happy birthday to all that I missed, and I hope all is having a pain free day if possible :)

I think I saw someone asking questions about the liver ? I was dxd with autoimmune hepititis, with a liver biopsy. now the Dr said it was not caused by drugs, that I never did or catch from having sex its was due to the sarcoid. But I have to admit, I was put on the steroid thing at first and it didn't get my liver function under control, but when sherif, started bringing me home the mike thistle from GNC and I take it 2 times a day my liver function started to even out and is not high anymore.

so I hope all has a wonderful fall day and is feeling as good as you can.

many love and hugs and blessings

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Hey, girl. I've posted before about my headache medication. Ever since an episode of trigeminal neuralgia 7 years ago, I've had pain in my left eye. It starts as an ache, then progresses to the sensation of someone stabbing me in the eye & eventually spreads over the left temple & entire left side of my head. I had taken Neurontin for the trigeminal neuralgia, which mostly resolved after several weeks, but it didn't do anything for this residual pain. I tried migraine meds, various narcotics, NSAIDS, etc. Finally my nurse practitioner suggested trying Norgesic Forte. It contains orphenadrine, which is a muscle relaxant; it's usually prescribed for sprains, etc. The Norgesic Forte also contains 385 mg of aspirin (one Bayer aspirin has 325mg) and 30mg of caffiene (less than most 12 oz. sodas). For some reason this particular medication relieves my headaches. It works bests if I take one tablet as soon as the pain starts; if I wait until it's spreading, I might need 2 or 3 doses (every 8 hours) to get rid of it. Other muscle relaxants don't do a thing. I'll go through phases when the eye pain/headache comes 3-4 times a week, then I might go weeks without one. I can't really identify a trigger. I just make sure I have a couple of my Norgesics with me all the time, so I can get the jump on it. You might ask your doc about trying it.

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