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Re: Going to a specialist without a referral

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Hi -

I'm not sure if this will make you feel any better, but the one

thing on my son that did significantly correct early on and without

intervention was his facial asymmetry, at least the part caused by

the positional plagio. He was born with a dent on his head above his

left eye which kind of gives him a lazy eye look at times (most

visible when he's tired or upset), and that never corrected. But the

side of his face that was pushed forward from the plagio evened out

quite a bit even though his ear asymmetry never really corrected. I

remember in his 3 month old professional photos I can see the

uneveness of his cheeks very clearly, but by his 6 month portraits,

it looks a lot better. Some of it might just be a trick of the eye

though too, he was chunkier by 6 months, so maybe that added to the

illusion of improvement. At the same time, I think it would have

been more evident in a 2D photo if there still was a lot of

asymmetry. In any case, I can tell that in our experience, his head

did not round out on it's own even after a whole year went by. So I

really do think that in the end, you'll be happy with deciding to

band. It will be a lot less painful than wondering " what if " later


Good luck!

Jake-21m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand #2 2 weeks)


> > >

> > > Hi everybody,

> > >

> > > I am brand new to this group and the reason I joined is

because I

> > > feel that my little 5 months old daughter needs a helmet to


> > > her Plagiocephaly. We've noticed it when she was about 1 and


> > > month old and also noticed that her head was titled and


> > > turned to the right.

> > >

> > > At her 2 months old visit, the doctor gave us some neck


> > > exercises to do at home and told us to reposition her to her


> > > side when she slept. She also said that her head would round


> > > eventually.

> > >

> > > At her 4 months old visit, another doctor just says the same


> > > not to worry that it will round up. In the meantime, although


> > > head shape has changed since the first time we've noticed it,

it is

> > > not round at all and her head still tilts slightly to the


> > > never to the left.

> > >

> > > I am tired of waiting and not really seeing any improvement.

We were

> > > not even referred to a PT to treat her torticollis even less a

> > > specialist in helmets. Therefore, I schedule my own.

> > >

> > > My first appointment is this Wednesday with Cranial

Technologies in

> > > ndale. We are also checking Eastern Cranial Technologies


> > > Falls Church next Wednesday.

> > >

> > > What worries me is that she doesn't qualify for helmet. I have


> > > hard time measuring her from the nose to the left and right


> > > There doesn't seem to be more than 5mm difference, yet, the


> > > back side of her head is flat...

> > >

> > > Also, does the helmet correct the torticollis? Has anybody

gone to

> > > both CT and ECA and preferred one over the other?

> > >

> > > Please help me figure out what to do before it's too late.

> > >

> > > Thanks,

> > > Leila

> > >

> >


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