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Re: Dr. Cohen

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>Hi Joanne, if it weren't for this group, I probably would never had

heard about Dr. Cohen. You are all wonderful and caring people, and

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank God you found Dr

Cohen to treat your daughter! I'm hoping he can give us some help,

especially my daughter. Its unbearable to watch what you thought was

a healthy child, become weak and sickly, having to put off her

college classes, and litterally, putting her life on hold. Its sad

to watch her become more depressed about this. All she talks about

is going back to school for her degree, and trying to lead a normal

life. Its really for her that I'm trying to find exactly what type

of Mito we have, so she can be treated and feel better. If I can

benefit also, well, I will surely be grateful. Wish us luck with

getting our appointment approved with our medical ins. We are still

waiting for that, even though I've been on them for more than 2

weeks. Joanne, if I may ask, what were you orignally told about Dr

Cohen? Hope everyone has a good day, I think we all deserve it,

right? Hugs, Donna

> Hi Donna,


> I didn't realize you were going to see Bruce Cohen. We see him

every 6 months. He is extremely knowledgeable. From what we were

originally told, he is the most aggressive in treating and has the

greatest success in reversing progression. When we saw him

initially, he said given how poorly lies was he wasn't sure she

would survive another 6 months. That was almost 8 years ago.


> That's a question I'd like to ask Dr Cohen, when we see hi in a

couple weeks.



> Joanne Kocourek (mom to , lies, and )

> visit us at: http://www.caringbridge.org/il/annakris



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