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Re: Facial Assymetry

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> In a message dated 5/15/06 10:33:57 AM, mhack@... writes:



> > Wow - ok now I am confused.  Abra had mild flattening on her

right side and

> > her head tilts to the right slightly.  It appears that she

doesn't not have

> > full range a motion when she turns left.  She has difficulty

turning her head

> > to her left when on her tummy.  So we have been stretching out

the right

> > neck muscle - does that sound right to you?

Only your PT can tell you exactly what you should be doing. I am

just saying that it sounds like your daughter is presenting

atypical. That is what my son was. We did the rotation stretch,

turning chin to left shoulder. And we did the sidebend stretch, left

ear to left shoulder. This is not the case for most tort babies. It

is called an atypical presentation. Alot of people have not even

heard of it. Most are just Left or Right Tort. Yes, totally

confussing, but very important to figure out. Ask your PT if your

Abra is atypical presentation. If she is a good PT, she should at

least know what atypical presentation is. I am curious what she

says. My son had difficulty turning his chin to look over his left

shoulder and also had a right head tilt (chin pointed to left

shouler, head tilted slightly right).

> >

> Donna, mom to , 10 months old

> Did the Dr diagnose left or right torticollis? My dd has left

tort - so the

> muscles on the left side of neck are tight/short. In her tilt her


> faces her right shoulder, Top of head leans left - we stretch the

left side by

> turning chin to left shoulder and right ear to right shoulder.

Does that make

> sense/ help you???






> Jen

> Mommy to 4...and 1 more!!!!


> " Luli "

> www.babiesonline.com/babies/j/jens5th/


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