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Sleep aids/ and Gretchen

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*Meds wise? I take seroquel for sleep along with " sleep md " OTC {which

contains Melatonin, a great regulator of sleep cycles}. Chamomile tea and

blue lotus tea are great sleep aids. even warm milk can be helpful. A warm

relaxing bath before bedtime or jacuzzi soak. Reading a book to fall asleep.

Lavendar oil drops on your pillow. These are some things I use that help me.

I hope you are able to get some sleep. I myself go to bed late and have to

get up at 5 am to care for my puppy when hubby leaves. I try to take a nap

during the day if able. Prayers be with you my friend.*


> I can never sleep! I go to bed late and get up early. Maybe I am

> worried about laying down and being in pain, I don't know. My body

> aches so bad when I don't get enough, and its a vicious cycle.. I don't

> have any sleep meds or anything and don't know quite what to do.. Any

> answers? Gretchen



> ------------------------------------


> 1. While it is wonderful to share our experiences with everyone on the

> list as to what treatments do and don't work for us, pls always check with

> your dr. Some treatments are dangerous when given along with other meds as

> well as to certain health conditions or just dangerous in general.


> 2. If you are in a difficult situation (doesn't matter what it is) pls

> don't be afraid to ask for help. It is the first step to trying to make

> that situation better.


> 3. To unsubscribe the e-mail is:

> Fibromyalgia_Support_Group-unsubscribe


> 4. Also, it is not uncommon for more than one member to be feeling bad at

> the same time when it comes to flares and b/c of that potentially take

> something another member says the wrong way. And that includes the things

> that one member may find funny (even if it's laughing at fibro itself) even

> though we who deal with illness whether one such as fibro or multiple

> illnesses try to keep a sense of humor.


> 5. Pls let's be gentle with each other, and if you are having a bad day

> pls let us know so that we can do our best to offer our support.


> Have a nice day everyone.


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