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- Father's Day

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Dear Group,

While most of us celebrate Father’s Day, it’s

also a good time to remember those in our group who have left us far to

early. Hug your dad a little longer

today and please, say an extra prayer for those fathers and/or their children who

have lost a loved one to PSC and still grieve. My current comments are in black –

old posts are in blue.

age 21 passed away this morning (Tuesday June

18) at 9:30 am.

May his strength and courage thought out his long battle

with liver disease be a guiding light for all of us. God bless and his

family. Barb

I sent the above e-mail to the group in 2002,

passed away 3 years ago today. His

mother (and I’m proud to say my friend) Ruth never left his side and his

father & his brothers Jake & did everything they could. Here is another e-mail sent in by Ruth

(’s Mother)

“To all of you who remember

hearing about and praying for him, thank you and know that his death was

very peaceful and he willingly went to his heavenly father's arms. If you ever

have to lose a child, if it could be beautiful to see them go, I've experienced

that today. My heart has been torn, but I will go on knowing the peace he had.”

Ruth's brother Wayne (’s uncle) wrote

a " Letter To The Editor " Ruth

thought you might like to read to too.

It's a wonderful letter….. Barb

To the Editor,

Even though I am no longer a St. Louis

area resident, I have noticed many articles in the paper lately about courage,

dignity, and strength of purpose and honor. Many of these are deservedly about high

profile St. Louis

citizens, who have given greatly of themselves

to this city. I would like to add one more

example. On the same day that Jack Buck passed, a young man named ,

of O'Fallon gave up a heroic battle to live, after going through 2 liver transplants,

20 surgical procedures, and tests and invasions of his body too numerous to

mention. He was 21 years old, and my nephew. I live now in Ohio

after growing up in Granite City, and while making 2 trips to visit him, my

sister Ruth and her husband , I

had to rely mostly on daily emails and weekly

phone calls and observe his struggle from the sidelines. After the end came, it dawned on me,

that sometimes the biggest hero's, the most courageous, are the ones who

fight on, with no particular notice, no spotlights, just for the chance to live

out, or help someone else live out a normal life span. I have a feeling that

this happens every day. This time, though, it happened to my family. I

finally had to

pay attention. fought every single day

of the 6 months in the hospital. His mother, took a leave from her job

for 6 months to be at this side " every " day for the entire time. His father went to visit him before and

after work, and again took many days off work to be with him. My father,

’s grandfather who is 75 years old, drove 2 hours to St. Louis


least 3 times a week for 6 months to give support

and pray. My mother, siblings, his Aunt's and Uncles, made trips and phone

calls too numerous to count. After all this support, prayer, and wonderful care

from St. Louis University Hospitals, died, his body to weak to recover

from 2 transplants to try a 3rd time, even though he had agreed to try that


In the end, knew the fight was over, called

in the Dr's, ministers, families, and said " enough " . He died one

day later. My point of this letter is to honor 's courage. In

his unrelenting, heroic battle, telling his mother and Dr's, " I want to

live " at one point where most of us had given up, and then living another

3 months, he has drawn family members

together to care more, forged a bond with his

mother and father that most can never attain.

Left his brothers Jake, and , with

the ultimate example of how to live a life with the time given to you, and left

his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and acquaintances with one

final example of inspiration. Dying with dignity, peace, and courage.

I am a very proud uncle of this terrific nephew. Thank

you , Ruth and , for this powerful lesson on love and life. I

Love You. (Uncle) Wayne

was taken from his family (and our group) far too young. His family still (and always will) grieve

deeply for him and today, his death falls on Father’s Day so it will be

especially hard on his dad and family.

Please remember them in your prayers.

We must never forget those who went before us and

every day we must fight on for new treatments, new medicines and a cure, so

that one day we can all say NO MORE.

Sorry for the length,


in Texas - Together in the Fight, Whatever it Takes!


Ken (32) UC 91 - PSC 99

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