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We Want Justice. TNSACS stopped funding PWN+

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Dear Forum,

Kindly make a note of following Issue.

Positive Women Network (PWN+) was established in October of 1998 to

address the growing needs of women and children living in India with

HIV and AIDS. Since then, PWN+ has become a leader in HIV advocacy

and is the only Indian self-help organization focusing entirely on

the concerns of Women and Children living with HIV. Apart from this,

we have also formed networks both at District and State level. So

far we have developed 13 State level networks in India.

We were working since 2005 at Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu for

Women living with HIV/AIDS. PWN+ is the first organization who has

taken up the Issue of HIV/AIDS in Nagapattinam District.

We were worked with the TNSACS Project – Capacity Building Programme

at Nagapattinam and Villupuram District. From September 2005, we

run the Drop in Centre at Nagapattinam. Through the Dropping center

at Nagapattinam, around 200 Women Living with HIV/AIDS are


Suddenly TNSACS stopped funding PWN+ and we were informed by TNSACS

PD that, to apply for Drop in centre in order to get support from

Government. We were very hopeful that, our Drop in centre will be

sanctioned by TNSACS. But, now they have come with the final list of

Drop in centers, where PWN+ the only organization which is working

for WLHA not included.

Now, we have a doubt that, whether the list being prepared with

Honest mind or not. We hope that, there must be some Corruption went

through the whole process.

Also we would like to know from the PD that under which criteria the

NGOs are selected and we would like to request the PD to kindly show

the documents given by those organization to get sanctioned, to the

organizations working with PLHA.

Kindly consider the above issue and on behalf of WLHA in Tamilnadu

we are requesting TNSACS PD to respond us and do the needful.

In Solidarity

Positive Women Network (PWN+)

109,Parsn Paradise Apartments,

A-3,C-Block,G.N.Chetty Road,

T.Nagar, Chennai-17


e-mail: <suseelaanand@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Forum,

Re: /message/9005

In response to the subject on " We Want Justice. TNSACS stopped funding PWN+ " in

the AIDS INDIA forum, we as a state level network for People Living with

HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu strongly accept the TNSACS selection process

1. According to NACO and SACS with reference to NACPIII, the Drop in

Centre project is given for the intervention among the People Living with

HIV/AIDS and it is understood that it will include all the communities including

women infected with HIV/AIDS.

2. TNSACS or any donor agency have all the rights to stop their funding

according to their guidelines and procedures

3. The process of selection of drop in centres in Tamil Nadu has certain

criteria, and the selection criteria have been followed by the TNSACS and

District Authorities for the selection of PLHA networks in the districts for

Drop in centre project.

4. As per NACO guidelines, DAPCU is the unit headed by the District collector.

They have a selection committee which comprises the Collector, joint director of

health services, District Director of health Services, ART senior medical

officer, a representative from TANSACS and the district program manager. They

have a standard format for selection process and the selection committee is

formed by a group of expertise.

5. As per the format, any service delivery point that needs to implement the

project should be an independently registered body that functions on its own

with a governing body from the district level community people and it should

have its own bank transaction.

6. In experience of other states, the drop in centres which has been

funded by SACS was stopped as the NACP II process was completed. New process of

selection will take place according to the NACP III guidelines.

7. When any organisation applies for funding, the organisations have to know the

criteria before applying for projects, and there is a committee for the

selection and higher authorities like Project Directors cannot be blamed for


8. The Executive Committee members of TNSACS are well aware of the

selection criteria, and a representative from PWN+ is also a part of the

existing Executive Committee. Being a representative of the Executive Committee,

it is unfair to criticise TNSACS and creating a wrong notion to other people

about the TNSACS and its activities.

Finally, we feel without any evidence, we should not talk about corruption on

the selection process. TNNP+ as a state level network consisting of around

26,849 PLHA including WLHA from 30 district level networks strongly accept the

TNSACS selection process.

Thanks and Regards


President, TNNP+

Tamil Nadu Networking people with HIV/AIDS (TNNP+)

No.391/30, East 8th Street,

Near Mahatma Montessori school –south gate

K.K. Nagar, Madurai-625020

Tel; 02452-2523134/2523505.


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Guest guest



Re: /message/9005

Mr. Karunanidhi's endorsement does not justify the concerns of the aggreived

party. As a gender sensitive approach, PWN+ should have been accomodated.(as it

appears tay they are the only one left out). If the were memers of the

committee, they have even more reasons to smell a rat.

If the resons for disqualification were shared we would be in beter position to

judge neutrally the selection process.

Rajesh Sood

Centre for Health Promotion.

Dr RK Sood

FETP Scholar (NIE, Chennai)


+91 9418064077, +91 9445157327

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