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Your responses to questions on vaginal health needed

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For the past six years, Global Campaign for Microbicides (GCM) is working in

India to build support among policymakers, opinion leaders, and the civil

society for accelerating research, development and access to microbicides and

other user-initiated prevention methods.

One of the primary goals of GCM in India is to increase the informed and

productive engagement of civil society stakeholders in microbicides advocacy.

With a couple of first generation Microbicides candidates' failing to show

effectiveness and with the time horizon for actual product introduction having

potentially lengthened, GCM is planning a series of activities to lay the

foundation for future products without fostering unrealistic expectations around

the availability of microbicides.

One of these is to develop a low literacy module on vaginal health.

We wish to start by seeking your inputs and responses to the following

questions. This will help us understand the kind of information available with

regard to vaginal practices both harmful and beneficial and capacity building

tools that exists vis a vis vaginal health in India.

We also hope that these questions will generate interesting discussions on

issues around vagina and vaginal health, sexuality, SRH, women's health, gender

and rights.

You can also send the responses at pkundu@....


What kind of vaginal practices are currently prevalent in India ?

What research do you know of that explores vaginal practices in India ?

What kind of capacity building is being provided about vaginal health in India?

What modules or tools do you know of that address vaginal health?

Paramita Kundu

Programme Associate

Global Campaign for Microbicides

PATH in India

A-9, Qutab Institutional Area

New Delhi 110 067, India

Work Phone: (91-11) 26530080

Work Fax: (91-11) 26530089

Email: pkundu@...

<http://au.f373.mail./ym/Compose?To=pkundupath (DOT) org>

Website: www.global-campaign.org <http://www.global-campaign.org/>


Aditi Joshi

Administrative Assistant HIV-SRH

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health(PATH)

A-9 Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 067

Ph. 91-11-26530080-88


PATH-A Catalyst for Global Health

www.path.org <http://www.path.org>

e-mail: <aditi17in@...>

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