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Natco Pharma to launch two new ARV generics soon

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Natco Pharma to launch two new generics soon

2008-04-09 14:43:31 Source : CNBC-TV18

Natco Pharma has acquired US-based retail pharmacy Newark Drugs.

Rajeev Nannapaneni, CEO, Natco Pharma, said the company has a strong

oncology pipeline. " Two new generics are to be launched soon. We are

also filing a compulsory license for HIV drug Celzentry against

Pfizer. "

Excerpts from CNBC-TV18's exclusive interview with Rajeev Nannapaneni:

Q: What is the nature of the case that you are looking to file

against Pfizer? How soon do you hope for an India launch on this


A: We are not filing a case against Pfizer. We are filing for a

compulsory license for this particular product. According to Indian

law, you have to wait for three years after a product patent is

granted to file for a compulsory license. We want to file before

three years and appeal to the Health Ministry to grant a compulsory

license because it's a product which we use for treating AIDS.

There are precedents around the world particularly in Brazil and

Thailand, where drugs that are used for HIV therapy have been granted

compulsory license. As such, we don't expect a resolution right away.

But it's a test case and we are just testing the water.

Q: How large is the market for this product?

A: HIV market is large; it's probably a Rs 300-400 crore market. I

can't recollect the exact numbers. We are trying to set a precedent

for patent product licenses.

Q: Are you going to look at the generic version of this product once

you get the license?

A: Indeed, the first step that we are looking at is for a generic

license for this product in India. Maraviroc, which is Pfizer's

product, has a product patent already granted by the Bombay Patent


Q: How much time would it take before you file the patent and the

results are out?

A: We are not filing a patent. We are saying that there are

precedents around the world like Brazil and Thailand where compulsory

license was granted. We are trying to see whether the same thing can

happen even in India.



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