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Rajasthan: HIV+ Child is missing under dubious circumtances, Request urgent action

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Dear All,

Premchand 11 year old HIV+ child from Jhunjhunu dist (Mukundghad bus stand ,

ward 18 ,) who was admitted at care home situated at Devi Nagar , Plot no 846 ,

near shyam Nagar Post office , Jaipur is missing from 17.02.08 under dubious

circumstances .

The child' mother told us that, " To bring back the missing case is not our duty,

if you agree we can pay some money instead of your child , otherwise we have so

many other important things to do " was the resoponse of Ms. Sushila Marotya, the

person in charge of this care home.

The mother & child were directed and informed about this care home by the VCTC

staff. The child was admitted at care home since October 2007 for care as

assured by the care home authorities.

We understood that the mother is a widow and underprivileged having two children

and her husband died out of AIDS.

The missing case was recognized by RNP+ staff on 25th at SMS hospital premises

after seeing the pathetic cry of mother.

RNP+( Rajasthan Network For People Living With HIV/AIDS ) is questioning the

current activities and undertaking of this care home which is run the name of

HIV/AIDS patient in Rajasthan.

Earlier also we had pointed out such kind of illegal, purposeful, and undefined

activities happening in Jaipur. The activities of this care home and existing

arrangements are also need to be checked & ensured

The following is a copy of the FIR filed by RNP+ We seek immediate attention

from all to save the life of the child and bring out the realities of this care


FIR. To,

The S.H.O (Station Head Officer)

Mukundghad Jhunjhunu Dist


Sub: HIV + child missed from the custody of care taker

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring in to your notice that , 11 year old HIV+ child named

premchand belongs to Jhunjhunu District (Mukundghad bus stand , ward 18 , who

was admitted in care home located at Devi Nagar , Plot no 846 , near shyam Nagar

Post office, Jaipur Dist ) since October 2007 was missed from the custody of

the care taker from 16, February 2008 .

RNP+ (Rajasthan Network For People Living With HIV/AIDS) a community based

charitable organization working for the UPLIFTMENT of HIV/AIDS patients and

their families in Rajasthan since 2002, haven’t received any satisfactory

response from the care home people in pursuit of our request to provide

information regarding the incident .

In this case, I request your immediate attention to find out the child and

seeking true investigation against the illegal happenings surrounded by this

center to protect the life of children orphan by AIDS.

Kindly treat this request and do the needful


Brijesh Dubey



Anticipating your valuable suggestions and support


Brijesh Dubey



e-mail: <rnpplus1@...>

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