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Re: Railway Travel Concessions to AIDS patients

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Dear Forum,

This is really great to see the announcement given by Railways in consent of

People living with HIV/AIDS, offering them concession in train fare. This has

been a remarkable step taken by indian government.

Let us also wait for the golden day- the day when our HIV/AIDS bill is going to

pass in the parliment. Hope the day is not too far. Once again let us thank our

government and railway minister for their consentfull budget and concession for





E-mail: gnanasekar_sekar@...

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Guest guest


Concession for AIDS affected persons is a welcome move by Shri Lalu

Prasad. Indian Railways is running the Red Ribbon express in

collaboration with National Aids Control Organization (NACO). Taking

another step in this direction Hon. Minster announced a concession of

50% in second class passenger fares for rail travel by AIDS patients

to nominated ART centres for treatment.

I would like to congratulate the Honorable Railway Minister, Shri

Lalu Prasad for his generous contribution to alleviate the financial

misery of the people living with HIV/AIDS. His decision is

commendable. The government of India is offering free ART. But, many

are unable to access this due to financial burden of traveling to ART

centers. Shri Lalu Prasad's Railway budget has addressed this issue.

So many more are likely to –benefit from the ART Scheme. This has

been a remarkable step taken by the Indian government. I would like

to thank the Government of India in it's continuing support for HIV

prevention care and support.

I would like to let all of you know that, the Congress Party Leader

Madam Gandhi has instructed, all the leaders of the student

wing of the Party, National Student of India (NSUI) to engage in

meaningful HIV responses. In this context, I would like to request

all the key players to pay additional attention to the HIV

vulnerability of young people of India.

I hope agencies like, NACO, US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS

Relief (PREPFAR), Global Fund and Gates Foundation to have programs

and resources specifically allocated to address the needs of young

people of India.

Kuntal Krishna


National Student Union of India (NSUI)

National Secretariat:

5 A, Raisina Road, New Delhi - 110001.

Tele/fax : 011 - 23358686.

E-mail: kuntalkrishna@...

Website : www.nsui.in

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Guest guest

Dear Forum.

This is really a good move and good news for People Living With HIV and AIDS.

Good decision by our Hon'ble Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav.

This will help for those PLWHAs who are nominated for the treatment on ART

Centers and results increase in the access for ART by PLHAs.

NGOs and CBOs who are working with PLHAs need to spread this news for people in

the remote areas and help them access ART treatment.

Meanwhile it is also important in whole process " the issue of confidentiality "

need to be maintained. PLHAS network, NGOs CBOs and Railway officials have come

together and discuss how this can be further streamlined and put into operation.

Bharat Shetty


e-mail: <bharatwrites2001@...>

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Guest guest


Thank you for this message. But, this facility is only for 1% PLWHA who is on

ART and that is only for going to ART centre once in a month.

We already protest about it to Railway Minister


e-mail: actup@...

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