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Drug Documentary Debuts This Fall

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Drug Documentary Debuts This Fall

After 's controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11 broke

domestic box office records for a documentary, there was much hype

in the media about his next project, Sicko. Sicko will be his look

at the state of the conventional health care industry.

But the last direct news about the project came via a report in the

Los Angeles Times more than a year ago. At least, until a business

plan surfaced from a new production company backed by Bob and Harvey

Weinstein that has scheduled Sicko for a September 2006 release.

The Variety report linked below noted that has been exposing

drug company corruption by planting cameras in the offices of


Variety January 2, 2006



Dr. Mercola's Comment:

has been pretty much living under the radar since he

won an for Fahrenheit 9/11. The inspiration for 's next

film, Sicko, stems from a segment he did on his television series

The Awful Truth.

documented the plight of a diabetic who urgently needed a

pancreas transplant, but whose HMO refused to allow him to get one.

Now that 's reputation for exposing corporate practices is so

well-known, he often has difficulty getting them to agree to direct

interviews; at least six pharmaceutical firms have issued internal

memos warning executives to be on the lookout for " a scruffy guy in

a baseball cap " who asks too many questions.

So it looks like has turned to hidden cameras this time


It'll be interesting to see if they catch industry salespeople with

their pants down, and once again document the common practice of

drug companies marketing toxic drugs directly to your physician.

Hopefully, Sicko will encourage even more folks to take firmer

control of their own health, continuing the meltdown of a flawed and

often fatal conventional health care paradigm.

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