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How Springlife Polarizers Work

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Hi all,

Today I received some marketing materials from Springlife Polarity.

While much of their marketing materials fall into the " mumbo

jumbo " category, I found the following paper to not be *too*

terrible, although it doesn't even mention their use to

neutralize harmful EMF radiation.

(I scanned and OCR'd this, so it may not be 100% accurate)





JUNE 1999

Many people have asked about Springlife Polarizers, thinking that perhaps they

work on the same principles as magnets. The answer is an unequivocal " no " , but

the question remains: what are the Springlife Polarizers, and how do they work?

This short introductory article is presented as a " Polarizer-101 " discussion.


The Springlife Global Polarity company produces and sells a variety of

" polarizers " that use a non-electric technology discovered by its founder Dr.

Ethel Starbard-Webb, Ph.D. over 40 years ago. Each polarizer, regardless of its

casing design and construction, contains a proprietary blend of land minerals

and sea vegetation substances representing a balance of the entire planet.

These are treated and blended so as to generate the Springlife Polarizing Field


These specific sea substances act like antennae, tuned to receive and radiate

specific life-enhancing rays or particles. In this sense, they act as a

transceiver, both receiving and transmitting continuously. The select

proprietary land minerals were added to enhance and increase the ability of the

sea substances to perform faster and to cover a greater range. The land

minerals amplify the attraction and distribution of these life rays.

The specifically designed containers that the materials are placed within act

as a tuned resonant cavity to further amplify and distribute this life force

energy. The metals in the containers also have specific interactive functions

with the ingredients in the formula. In addition, both the size and shape of

the containers have a determinate function on energy enhancement. Many of the

casings are manufactured to one ten-thousandth of an inch tolerance and tuned

to specific sizes, dimensions and important life-force-related wavelengths.

All of the Springlife products incorporate the principles of sacred or

archetypal geometry as found in sacred sites and famous monuments throughout

the world, all of which are noted for their beauty and energy-augmenting

qualities. We found that using casing sizes built around the famous ratios

found in nature greatly improved both the polarizers' appearance and

performance. Every dimension in the construction of our products is important

to the final synergistic effect where the sum of all the factors contributes to

a leap in product performance, look, feel and quality.


In the original discovery, it was noted that the properly prepared sea

substances would concentrate the cosmic particles to such a high degree that

the toxic vortex spin of many tested substances would reverse direction and the

toxicity would be neutralized. This reversal of spin direction is called

" reversal of polarity " .

It has been observed for ages that north of the equator, water going down a

drain spins clockwise, and south of the equator just the opposite is true (this

is known as the Coreolis Effect). In the northern hemisphere, toxic substances

and toxic vortices spin counter-clockwise, as do the " destructive " forces of

nature such as hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and earthquakes. Perhaps

" corrective forces " would be a more honorable and correct term than

" destructive " , as nature sends these forces to cancel out, correct or rebalance

an already out-of-balance condition.

When things begin to break down, such as soil becoming depleted of essential

life-embracing minerals, the frequency of the soil is altered and it puts out a

signal to the natural forces to assist in correcting the situation. Where an

area is very toxic, a vacuum forms over the area, altering the proper flow of

life-giving cosmic radiation. When this happens, Earth's healthy natural

electrical field is diminished. This is especially noted around oil fields, for

example, where people, plants and animals display many toxic side effects and

symptoms from a negative electric field effect. Once a " corrective " force of

nature arrives, it targets the area that is summoning it by the law of " like

attracts like " . The corrective force acts like a giant acupuncture needle,

puncturing the negative vacuum in an attempt to open the area back up to the

balanced life-giving flow. The Springlife formula acts in a very similar

manner, copying the corrective forces of nature and " re-polarizing " the toxic

vortex movement, but without the destructive effects.

The concentration of specific minerals in the Springlife formula influences the

vortex direction to move toward the life-embracing direction of clockwise

motion north of the equator. When a toxic substance, such as sodium cyanide, is

re-polarized and its counter-clockwise spin changes to a clockwise spin, the

cyanide becomes neutralized and its toxic effect is voided or canceled. The

sodium cyanide cannot progress forward beyond neutral to become life enhancing

because it was not created with that intent.

One example of the effects of repolarization is in rancid olive oil. When it is

properly re-polarized and the negative or toxic vortex spin (due to its

rancidity) is voided, it continues on past the neutral positive into a positive

and clockwise vortex energy spin. Once the vortex spin of food has been

restored to a positive direction, its flavor then reflects a more pleasant

taste and odor because its life force has been brought to a higher and

healthier level and the rate of spoilage is slowed remarkably. One could say

that the increased positive vortex spin enables the food substance to give off

or release more life-giving energy, as reflected in its higher vibrational

frequency. This higher, positive spin frequency then suggests that more

available life force is supplied or stimulated by the substance. This is

comparable to the difference between food that is " cooked to death " with the

enzymes " killed off " and food that is alive with rich enzymatic life or light


When the word " spin " is used in this article, it refers to the movement of the

energy flow, which is in a vortex- or funnel-shape. The spin goes all the way

down past the known sub-atomic particles such as electrons, neutrons and

positrons, etc. Pendulums can be used effectively to detect a change of vortex

motion, and there are also some scientific devices that can detect vortex

action. Most technological devices have only a three-dimensional orientation

and are unable to detect the subtle energy of a fourth, or higher, dimensional

existence. This is the reason that re-polarized wine that contained added

sulfites prior to repolarizing still contains those added sulfites after

re-polarizing in some scientific tests. The tests do not show that the wine,

which still needs a preservative, now contains a healthy, properly polarized

preservative which is beneficially compatible.


In addition to helping to detoxify food and water, Springlife Polarizers are

effective in helping injuries and trauma. Some users have noted that when

injuries such as burns, insect bites, cuts and percussive blows to the body

were re-polarized as soon as the injury occurred, bruises and scars did not

develop. The explanation for this is that the healthy electron flow is

disturbed by the injury, and when the electron flow is restored in the body and

once again moving in a coherent manner, then the body can better synchronize

with the earth's natural electrical, healing, or creative forces. Its own

healing abilities can then perform as they were intended. It has been noted how

quickly animals heal themselves after a re-polarization takes place. This is

partially due to the animals' freedom from limiting belief systems concerning

energy and natural forces. Their bodies respond to what is " natural " . An

analogy to help understand how an injury or " dis-ease " affects the body is that

of an electrical cord with a damaged area that prevents the proper flow of

electricity from traveling through the wires. This is what a damaged and

chaotic electron flow in the body is like.

The products' repolarizing benefits include a greater balance with the natural

electromagnetic field effects of the earth. The ability of humans, animals,

birds and other creatures to maximize and call forth their own body's healing

potential can be greatly augmented and fortified when the flow of life force

and positive earth healing energy is readily available. Cell-to-cell

communication can also be greatly improved in a properly polarized atmosphere

of correctly charged particles.

Springlife Global Polarity has had a 40-year track record of excellent,

repeatable results. The " technology " behind the products utilizes the laws of

nature and therefore they are able to assist nature rather than replace or

circumvent it. The Springlife Polarizers are thus able to intervene and assist

without causing harm. Springlife products are free from the five " I's " :

Incision, Insertion, Injection, Ingestion and Inhalation.

By observing nature and exactly duplicating what nature does, not what humans

THINK nature does, Springlife has been able to create devices that collect and

give off totally user-friendly, non-invasive and life-force-respecting

energies. In this way the company has been able to create nature-assisted and

nature-enhancing products that help restore balance and a healthy spin

orientation with ingredients that, with proper care, never wear out or need


Scientists in many countries have been testing Springlife products to better

understand them. In most cases, excellent results are repeatedly observed thus

generating many new questions. Scientists and researchers are having to expand

their knowledge, training and " comfort zones " as they realize how little they

really know about how nature works. They must embrace a world where science,

technology, nature and spirit are working together in perfect harmony obeying

the true laws of creation. Until satisfactory answers are provided, we can

count on Springlife Global Polarity Products to keep delivering repeatable and

often unexplainable results--results we can benefit from even if we don't know

the whole picture. We can taste and feel the difference while we are trying to

figure out what just happened!


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Guest guest

Have never dared mention that i indeed feel earthquakes are " just another good

vibration " (as in " californication " ) or at least have had progress in my health

situation at times of these type of disasters, and local quakes and shakes....

It is so


" In the northern hemisphere, toxic substances

and toxic vortices spin counter-clockwise, as do the " destructive " forces of

nature such as hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and earthquakes. Perhaps

" corrective forces " would be a more honorable and correct term than

" destructive " , as nature sends these forces to cancel out, correct or rebalance

an already out-of-balance condition " .

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